Glynne Rachelle Dawson

13th June 2020

Glynne Rachelle Dawson Edinburgh Castle

I got a parcel left on the doorstep this morning. I was surprised to find it was a belated Christmas present I’d sent to a school friend being returned with a note saying “not collected”. I don’t know about you but I’ve never had a parcel returned. I thought this very odd so decided to check. Imagine my absolute shock to discover that my bubbly, funny, intelligent school friend died on 17th April 2020 on her own in her flat.

The returned parcel.

Glynne had so many friends across the country and remained friends with countless people across the years. As she worked as an air traffic controller, before 9-11 she often used to hitch a ride in the jump seat on planes. Cheap travel allowed her to travel the world and I got postcards from loads of wonderful destinations, but she especially loved the skiing in Austria and other European countries. I think there was loads of skiing and lots of partying after.

Glynne Rachelle Dawson Linlithgow Palace 2009

I’m sad she never got the parcel and knew that she wasn’t forgotten Christmas 2019 and throughout the rest of the year as she was on my mind so much over this 2020. We’d been sorting Gran’s house and didn’t really do Christmas! She was a popular woman and we had lots of laughs, especially for the 24 hour sponsored fence we did. I was always jealous she got the Wilkinson engraved sword as a memento. I hope she is at peace. Thinking of her family. RIP

Glynne Dawson Linlithgow Palace 2009
Glynne Rachelle Dawson August 2009
Glynne Rachelle Dawson Aug 2009
Glynne Rachelle Dawson Aug 2009

The pictures above are from a wonderful few days we had together in August 2009 visiting loads of places in the central belt. I think she’d just got her wonderful new camera.

What I notice about all these photos and all my memories of Glynne is how she always had the most amazing smile.

We didn’t see each other often but she was there in the back of my life since we started the same school and she will be missed by so many. RIP Glynne Rachelle Dawson who we always thought of as the girl in the school with the most exotic name!

Below is her obituary

Glynne Rachelle Dawson

Miss Glynne Dawson Southampton Miss Glynne Rachelle Dawson of Southampton has passed away at Southhampton, aged 53.
Born in Chesterfield Glynne was a local resident for 20 years.
Loving daughter of Aileen, sister to Carol and Angela, sister-in-law to Peter, dear aunt of Karl, Andrew, Craig, Claire and their children Jake, Leah, Thomas, Sophie and Amelia.
Glynne formerly attended St Helens school, and Manchester University, graduating with a physics degree. She trained as an Air Traffic Controller in 1987 in Bournemouth and was posted to West Drayton as a Radar Controller and subsequently moved to Southampton and gained her current post Airspace Development ATCO.
Glynne enjoyed cruises to Norway, following Southampton FC and socialising with family, friends and colleagues.
A private funeral service Took place on May 5, 2020 at Brimington Crematorium.
Funeral Directors: Co-op Funeralcare, 276 Newbold Road, Newbold, Chesterfield. (01246 211041)

Published in Derbyshire Times on May 7, 2020


20 thoughts on “Glynne Rachelle Dawson”

  1. Hi
    So beautiful to read your heartwarming words about my lovely dear sister Glynne. Glynne had so many lovely friends It has been very sad time for us all and coming to terms with not seeing her beautiful smiley face again , but memories are so special and comforting. I remember taking her and watch her proudly fence at the Springbank activity centre.
    To let you know mum received your parcel and card , which was very kind of you thankyou so much on behalf of mum and my family. Mum is very vulnerable at moment bless her(86yr) and I have tried to respond on her behalf to all cards and letters received from Glynnes lovely friends and saw your blog today which I was able to acknowledge and would it be possible to send me any lovely photos of dear Glynne to share with mum and family. Thankyou once again best wishes to you and your family ,stay safe, kind regards Angela xx

    1. I’d be delighted to do that. As well as lovely friends she was possessive about family and loved you all so much. It is the first thing I’ll do in the holidays next week. Thinking of you all, Mrs Physics x

    2. Dear Angela,
      I am grateful to have found this reply as I wanted to say how very sorry I am at your loss. I, along with Sam and Sally, studied Physics with Glynne at Manchester and we had stayed in contact, meeting up at least once or twice a year, ever since. It was such a shock to discover the news on Facebook and it still feels unreal. We hope you received our condolence cards as the only contact address we had for family was your Mum’s address from many years ago. Glynne, Sam and Sally are my best and oldest friends and it was clear from Facebook that Glynne was as equally attentive, thoughtful and generous with everyone she new. She is a big loss. My thoughts are with you all. Kind regards, Anita. x

      1. Hi Anita, I hope Angela gets your message, I will try to pass it on. This website is made by one of Glynne’s school friends and you’re right it still seems unreal. I’m planning contacting Angela hoping she reads this. What is your job now after your Physics degree?

        1. Thanks for your reply. I wasn’t sure whether the reply would go to you or Angela but I’d be very grateful if you could pass on my sympathies if you’re able. Various jobs over the years and looking to do something different again.

          1. In England most Physics teachers don’t even have A level physics so you’d be ahead of the game and it would come back so quickly. You might be eligible for the £25k IoP grant too.

      2. Dear Anita
        It is so lovely to hear from you and thankyou for your kind words of condolence for my dear sister Glynne.
        Glynne bless her, had so many lovely dear friends whom she talked about so much, and she thought the world of you all. It has been so comforting to be able to keep in touch with Glynnes friends . I hope your lovely memories of your friendship with Glynne will bring some comfort to you.
        It has been a difficult sad time for us all and I am still finding it hard to accept but I will always cherish the beautiful memories we had.. It must have been a huge shock and so sad for you too especially to have found out about Glynne on facebook.
        Mum bless her. did receive your condolence cards thankyou so much it was very kind of you . I will let mum know we have been in touch, she will be so pleased as she does remember Glynnes friends. Give my regards to Sam & Sally .
        Kind regards Angela xxx

        1. Thank you for your reply Angela. Yes, I used to text or email Glynne every few days as I don’t use facebook and only checked it out of concern. Such a shock for everyone. Yes, we have many happy memories of Glynne and she and I had fun times going to comedy gigs a few years back. She was a dear, dear friend (to everyone!). I am glad our cards arrived as we were unsure the address was still correct and had no way of checking. Glynne was loved by many and will be sorely missed and I am sorry we were unable to give her the goodbye she deserved. My thoughts are with you all. Lots of love, Anita x

  2. I’m in absolute shock to find this. I have been sending Glynne (Glynnie as I used to call her) text messages for a while and thought it was odd that she hadn’t got back to me, but didn’t want to pester her. She has been my best friend since school and I just can’t believe she’s gone.

    She was the kindest, most generous friend anyone could wish for. I will miss her so, so much and feel so sad for her lovely mum and family. :((


    1. I agree Jo, it doesn’t seem real. She was the one that kept us all in the loop. I miss her so much. She was always there for you. We’ve lots of happy memories to lean on. Yes I feel for her mum, they were so close.

      1. That’s such a good way to describe her – the glue that kept people together. I’m so useless at keeping in touch that I think Glynnie used to despair of me. I was always amazed at how she remembered everyone, and everything that happened from many years ago, in minute detail. She was a truly incredible lady.

        Could you send me an email so that I can get back to you?

    2. Hi Jo
      It has been a very very sad time for us all so unexpected and it is still very hard to accept that my dear sister Glynne has passed. We miss her so much . It has broken my heart Glynne was my best friend and soulmate.
      Please accept our sincere apologies I was not able to let you know as my mum did not have your address and dear mum is quite vulnerable at this present time. Glynne had some lovely friends who she thought the world of . Jenny was so kind putting a lovely condolence message on her blog and seeing this I was able to get in touch with her.. I would love to get in touch with you as we have fond memories of you and your family.
      Angela x

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