Mrs Physics Timetable

No idea if this is of use, but I can never work out my timetable and when each period lasts, so here it is in it’s full glory, although likely to change still!

Period v Day ->
Reg: 9.00-9.10
P1: 9.10-10.032AS3(1)AH1A2H
P2: 10.03-10.56S3(3)HH
P3: 11.11-12.04N5/ AHEspaceAH
P4: 12.04-12.57N5/ AHEspaceHAH1A2
P5: 1.42-2.36H2AN5/ AHAH (SS)
P6: 2.36-3.30AHN5/ AHS3(ES)S3(PRO)

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