Background Documents to Ohm Comforts

Rather than the usual way of teaching the topic of electricity we’ll take a novel approach. All the staff here hope that you’ll enjoy it. Do feedback to your teacher what you think about it. Unfortunately with the new time schedule we don’t have as long as we hoped on this topic and some of the material might need to be completed at home or in Science Club, including the additions to the Dolls’ House. Do take time to make something special, so far we’ve had examples of people making lit and turning BBQs, turning microwaves, lit fridges, and a fitness suite.

Intro electricity  This document introduces you as Apprentice Electricians and gives the reason behind the title ‘Ohm Comforts’.

Terry & June The owners of the house which you’ve been charged with fixing.

Estate Agent particulars Details of the house that needs your skills to upgrade.

Estate Agent single Signs for the house should a teacher wish to make their own house.

BADGE When you’ve passed your apprenticeship you’ll be entitled to wear the badge.

Ripe for some Ohm Comforts
How could you add electrical items in here?
How could you improve this room?
Ohm Comforts


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