S3 Physics Review

Homework Exercise

S3 Review (Complete at the end of the course)

We have covered three topics this year.

  • BEYOND THE VISIBLE (covering the EM Spectrum v=fλ, uses of EM radiation, research projects, make your own practical, reflection, refraction, diffraction)
  • ROAD SAFETY 2, (covering acceleration, forces, vectors, Road Crash Investigators, Tart Ma Kart, Newton’s Three Laws of Motion)
  • SPACE. (definitions of space, the big bang, The Martian, Rockets, Newton’s Three Laws of Motion review, stars, light years, challenges of space travel, Moon Myths)

Mark each topic out of 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best- GIVE A PROPER REASON for your score a short paragraph at least saying
which parts of each course were the best and what were the worst . State what SKILLS you’ve learned such as calculator work, arithmetic, road safety skills, Road Crash Investigator, Experimental Design (Beyond the Visible) Space.

Lastly state what you wished we had changed. Only sensible answers.

July 2019