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Welcome to out Heat Topic online.

It is such a shame that in this session we can’t run the purely practical sessions as we usually do, giving you a free hand to design your own experiments from scratch, but here is an introductory video with a practical you can do at home.

Don’t cheat! Try the experiment for yourself before you watch the end, and do make your predictions before you even start.

Remember in Science it is perfectly OK to be wrong, Scientist never look down on people if they are wrong, as it brings about its own answers. What Science is about it having an idea and testing it. So remember that in life! Learn from what we get wrong, but don’t punish yourself about it.

Introduction to the Heat Topic

This video introduces the Heat Topic using the Snowman investigation.

The Snowmen- This video just looks at the experiment

The Snowman Experiment, no blurb!

Lesson 2- Heat Transfer and Conduction

An introduction to Heat and Some information on Conduction. There are a few experiments demonstrated.

The video below is a bit advanced, but see how you get on!

Lesson 3

Insulation- The Opposite of Conduction

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