First Escape Room

So here goes……….

There on the table is a large handbag/working bag, it appears to have a lot of combination locks on the bag. There is a file and a locked folder. The folder is locked with a 3 digit combination lock.

File- Titled “The Case of the LASER”

In the file are the following documents

In the Unlocked Part of the Bag

In the bag is a lanyard (see below) with an ID work badge, a mirror and a James Herbert Book- The Fog.

A compact mirror is in the bag
This is in the bag, the only part not locked up.

Can you solve the clues to get into the folder?



Well done to Dr Allan! He’s into the folder.

This is what the folder contains, although not everything can be used yet.

You’ll need to start by answering these questions.

The grid key and grid secret should allow you to finish the last puzzle.

You might find these documents can give you some hints

You’ll need to work out the key to the cipher, but you haven’t collected this yet.

This might make contact but not until you have a cipher disk and I’ve locked that away. If you’ve answered the end of the first puzzle you’ll be able to get into the bag

You’ll need these maps for later. They will help you to locate me.

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Can you open the next lock using this lot, don’t throw the rest away, you’ll need it for later?


Well done to Dr Allan! He’s into the bag, but I can’t keep up so he’ll have to wait for the next clues. He’s been so helpful showing where I need to add more hints, or explanations. Thanks- you truly are a PRO!