About Me just took off

Oh every time I think I’ve cracked this wesbite stuff things go wrong again. Kids, learn from this. Find out how something works before you try to use it!

I’d got my About Me page, all set up and I was quite pleased and thought that I could leave it indefinitely. It looked ok, I’d put links in from each section and Callum had made a front book that was a direct link to the post.

The other day I posted  a new post on “usefullinks” and it appears this has removed my page on About Me. Now I still haven’t got my head around the difference between a page and a post. I can do a static front page and it fills up the whole page and doesn’t do columns so looks nicer, but why does any page, other than the front page vanish into the ether?

I am sure I will read up on it, at which point I will have to go through every section again and change the link! Oh dear, this really is taking up a lot of my time and no one but me is reading it anyway.

Time for bed, should have had my SAD light today and more tea. I’d feel so much better.

Oh boy, now I am really really confused. It appears I didn’t need to change the custom link in each section as it found it automatically. Explain that one! Why is it a link can detect the About Me, even when it has changed from a page to a category? Oh well it is working now so I am going to go to bad and hope it still works in the evening.

Still waiting for someone to offer to tutor me on Building a Website, I’ll teach them AH Physics in return!

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