Benchmark Quiz Answers

OSBM Fundamental Benchmark OS plate

Moffat’s O.S. Benchmarks

(Flush Bracket)ANSWERS

  1. The railway is long gone but this isn’t that “hidden”. BM 0478
  2. From one park to the other the river takes you along the straightest route. You will find this plate on the bridge whose “new” name isn’t very appropriate. BM 0475
  3. You used to learn so much here, but now it’s just a bit flat, although luxurious. BM 0476
  4. You can still post a letter near here, but give your eyes a chance to find this one. BM 0477
  5. Off to the city by an old road or straight on for Selkirk, the decision is yours if you look behind the sign. BM 0387
Flush Bracket Answers
Clue 5. Holmend. On the junction with Old Carlisle Road and the A708, behind the mini roundabout sign ground level NT 0914 0502Clue 4 .
Old Moffat Post Office Now outside the opticians, right Hand side low down to the right of the post box. NT 0847 0534
Clue 2.
Moffat New Bridge South parapet, south face, where the footpath meets the parapet. Across the road from Hope Johnstone Park NT 0794 0573
Clue 1.
On the A701 Beattock Road, on the old railway bridge near the house Hidden Corner NT 0836 0402
Clue 3 .
Old Moffat Academy on the South west corner of the building on the south facing wall. NT 0837 0563
Below are the photos to put this in context.
CLUE 1: On the A701 near the house called Hidden Corner
Clue 1: Close up of the flush bracket. The wall has since been painted white
Clue 2: Moffat New Bridge
Clue 2: Moffat “New” Bridge. Close up
CLUE 3: The Old Moffat Academy.
CLUE 4: The Old Post Office
CLUE 5: Holmend.

Post your results in the comments box to see how many of you have found them! Let’s start a campaign to protect them.

And this is where the fundamental benchmark is. I’ve used someone else’s photo as it was all overgrown when we visited.

It didn’t look like that when we went to visit.

Moffat Cut Mark Quiz Answers

Clue 1: Moffat Can, previously a council depot, and once a free church.
Clue 1: This is an unusually large cut mark on the old Moffat Can building, currently being renovated.
Clue 2: St Andrew’s Chuch
Clue 2: on the south east end of the Church
Clue 3: On the parapet of the bridge over Birnock Water on the A708
Clue 3: Was this cut mark abused? That is a non standard second horizontal line
Clue 4: The two cottages at Holmeld proudly display this cut mark
Clue 5: It took us two attempts to find this one, but it helps if the light is on it.
Clue 6: We originally thought this was at the Hydro Garages. When you know where to look it really stands out.
Clue 6: We also learnt that this gatepost was once the edge of a set of stairs that took visitors on a short cut back to the Hydro Hotel, there is little evidence of that now and renovations are being done at the house on the right.

There are plenty more benchmarks on the old maps in Moffat. I wonder now you’ve found these how many others you can find.

Please be considerate to homeowners, who don’t want people walking all over their homes or looking in at their windows looking for benchmarks

July 2020

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