Building an Escape Room

This is the end of a long process to make an Escape Room for Revision in my Classes. It is my first one so you can tell that it will be full of flaws, but I think there is something here that you can adapt and make it your own with very little need to adjust much. I’ll try to put the editable files in another post. In this post you can play along and try to solve the case. Do let me know how you get on.

Well in 2017 in Debrecan Hungary, at the Science on Stage Conference for Science Teachers I first encountered ESCAPE ROOMS in the classroom. Since then I’ve wanted to make one and went about it totally the wrong way, buying boxes and locks without any idea of what I would do.

I was fortunate enough to go to Cascais Portugal for the 2019 Science on Stage Conference and went to an Escape Room workshop, so that was it. I’ve now got to prove it can be done. I think however I might have gone over the top. It has taken me hundreds of hours of thinking and doing and I daren’t add up what I’ve spent, although most things wont be used, so my warning if you get hooked, plan and execute in draft and then pay!

I’ve moved the clues to another post on Escape Rooms and here I’ll discuss what I did and all the things I did wrong!…..

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