End of Term

Well I made it to the end of term, but it was crawling to the end post. Although I must share the comments made by one of the staff, who is getting married during the holidays. I was signing out for two weeks and one day without having to go in to school, (although I am not sure I’ve ever managed to stay away for all of the holidays) when I had a cracking conversation over the signing out sheet. It went something like this

Mrs Physics, “So when is the big day?”

Groom-to-Be, “Tonight”

“Tonight? Surely not”

“Don’t you mean the lottery? Tonight I find out if I’ve won the millions.”

“Well will you still get married if you win the lottery?”

“That’s what the lady asked,” she said “Will you still love me if you win millions?”

To which the Groom-to-Be answered, “Yes, but I’ll miss you!”

That’s just what I needed to start the holidays, but I am still not in a making sense mode.
Its time to chill out, get some exercise and catch up. I hope Groom-To-Be has a great wedding and comes back after the holidays. Personally I’d rather you not win the lottery as you cheer me up on the cold dark mornings, but if you do spend it well!

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