First bit of genuine code

My day started badly but it’s just got better…. oh maybe not.

I’m proud of myself for entering my first bit of true code (apart from the BBC basic I learned in sixth year at school). I needed to make the charge carriers a superscript for a power. What is weird is that when I typed in <sup>, which I assumed would be the code for superscript in the 1018  the superscript came out as a subscript. Using my problem solving skills I entered sub for superscript and bingo. Now all powers will neatly be displayed in their true format!

Someone in the school tried not to laugh at such an insignificant step, but hey- this is what students are experiencing all the time. I’m proud of this tiny step and it will encourage me to try harder to do more complicated stuff. For those that think this is a truly insignificant event, it’s the way all progress is made.

Addendum: Just looked at the post and guess what? On this computer at home my superscript has become a subscript. At least I now know how to change it! I think I’m going to put a simple coding book on my Christmas present list.


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