The People behind Scottish Physics

IoP Physics Coordinators
IoP Physics Coordinators

I don’t mind pinching things when they’re great and this has been adapted from a post on SSERC’s facebook page. The physics education community in Scotland owes a great deal to these people – the IoP Scotland network coordinators and education manager. Left to right: Tom Balanowski, Gordon Doig (Education Manager), Nick Forwood, Drew Burrett, Ronna Montgomery (Leader of the Pack), Brian Redman (“Mr Sputnik”) and Stuart Farmer. Scottish physics teacher cannot overstate how much they have contributed to Physics education in Scotland.

Teachers should also thank the Magic Pixies aka Nick Hood for hosting Physics resources during these times of huge upheaval and change in the Scottish Education System. Without this facility I think many Physics teacher would have “gone under”, which is somewhere near where the Pixie was last seen!




Lastly SSERC is “on the edge, but in the middle” of Science Education in Scotland. They keep Physics teachers up to date, trained and inspired. Firstly it was Jim Jamieson and then Gregor Steele with a whole host of other support staff (e.g Ian, Graham, Gerry, Catherine etc.).

Just know that you’re appreciated!

My thanks to you all.


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