What does it say when….

crossed-adhesive-plaster…. I am not sure what to make of this.

Mr Physics has spent the night with Mostly Harmless leaving Mrs Physics to be in charge of tea. This is never a good move, even though tea is just a shop bought pizza. She had hoped, after giving instructions to Piglet- the runt of the litter, that the oven would be on and a large mug of tea ready on return from a visit to Gran in her care home.

Alas, the oven was cold and the kettle empty. So off Mrs Physics set to get dinner ready. All went well until the bleeper went off to say the pizza was ready. After a quick look, the two pizzas did indeed look fully cooked. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, Mrs Physics placed the oven gloves on her right hand and opened the door, which wasn’t hot. She then reached into the oven with her left hand and extracted the metal baking sheet. Such was the shock that instead of letting go straight away she looked at her oven gloved hand and wondered why she had done such a stupid thing.

Fingers plunged in cold water haven’t stopped the blisters forming and writing is currently impossible. No idea how the AH UASPs will get marked tomorrow. Let’s hope for healing.

Now why is this a blog post? I just wonder what it is that causes people to do such stupid things? Is it purely tiredness? More to do with state-of-mind? Anger? Has anyone researched into this?
Well maybe one of my current students will research this topic and let me know. I can wait but don’t be too long, I don’t know if I will get progressively worse at doing silly things.

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