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Class of 2016-17.

Well done, especially to those 3 band 1 students. One band 8 missed a D by 1 mark, and two band 3s were 1 or 2 marks from an A. Learn for next year!

First web class.

Remember, you’ll always be my first website class.

Most of the Higher class 2016-17 starting on their journey, but someone is hiding!Our Dynamic HighersDSCI0183

Well that was the last official lesson with my Higher class of 2016/7. They have been a delightful class and they all got to the end, more or less unscathed. They’ve still got a smile on their faces.

Granny Resistor took the photo and the artist was absent. We celebrated the end of the course with Curly the Caterpillar cake, guess who got the bottom end! Thanks to Mr Physics who gave the students an amazing experience with the practical work, and thanks guys for your work and wonderful willingness to take this journey with me. Hope to see some of you next year. Do your best with your revision and make it all worthwhile. Get in touch if you need help.

Mrs Physics


If you’re feeling a bit down about your revision try the following link Look for the inspiring quotes posts. You are all totally up for this, so give it your best shot. It is all that I ask, and I’ll be really proud of you!

Delighted 50% are continuing to AH- My best ever number in 28 years teaching!