Introduction Tasks

Friday 9th June
learning outcomes
  1. To review the work completed so far
  2. To practice uncerts and practical experiments
  3. To practice risk assessments


    1. Starting on approximately p14 of the introduction notes complete tutorial 1 & 2
    2. Make notes on uncerts and quantifying them from chapter 4
    3. Risk assessment -Go through the powerpoint on the network (higher physics-> intro-> on risk assessment)
    4. In your classwork jotter answer the questions as you go through the power point
    5. Complete the practical below and write it up, including hazards, risks and controls.
    Checking Your Uncertainties.

    Aim:      To find the average speed of a trolley moving down a slope, estimating the uncertainty in the final value.

    Apparatus: 1 ramp, 1 metre stick, 1 trolley, 1 stop clock.


    1. Set up a slope and mark two points 85 cm apart.
    2. Note the scale reading uncertainty.
    3. Calculate the percentage uncertainty in the distance.
    4. Ensuring the trolley starts from the same point each time, measure how long it takes the trolley to pass between the two points.
    5. Repeat 5 times, calculate the mean time and estimate the random uncertainty.
    6. Note the scale reading uncertainty in the time.
    7. Calculate the percentage uncertainty in the time.
    8. Calculate the average speed and associated uncertainty.
    9. Express your result in the form:

    (speed ± absolute uncertainty) m s-1

    Write up your experiment and include your risk assessment

    1. Continue with the tutorials on Uncerts.