Nuffield Research Placements 2017 – Dumfries & Galloway Teachers

What an opportunity! Get applying guys! You’ve had some great experiences some of you, lets try to grab you a few more!

Dear all

I am happy to announce that the Online Application System for Nuffield Research Placements 2017 has now opened.

Below is a summary of the application process:

The Nuffield Research Placement Scheme is aimed at the current 5th year students who will be sitting their Highers in 2017 and who are studying any Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Maths (STEM) subjects at that level (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Geography, Computing, Home Economics/Food Technology, Psychology, Music Technology, Product Design, Technological Studies etc.). We are also now starting to place students into Social Science placements where there is an aspect of analysis, statistical investigation and mathematics involved, so it is very wide ranging.

•             Students apply by completing an online application form which can be accessed on the Nuffield Research Placement webpage at

•             The application form has various sections – personal details, education, personal statement, teacher reference, parent consent, bursary application (if appropriate).

•             Once the students register, they insert an email address of the teacher who is to provide them with a reference.  Then once the student submits their application the system automatically initiates an email to that teacher and allows them to log on to the student application, where they can view the various sections and include their reference.

•             After the closing date (Feb 24th 2017), appropriate sections of the application will be forwarded to various supervisors for their consideration – this may then involve an informal interview.

•             If a student and/or teacher has contact details of anyone in local industries/organisations who could offer a placement, they can let us know and include their details on their application. We can then follow this up.

•             If successful, the student agrees start and finishing dates with their supervisor.  The placements normally take place at the end of June, July or early August.  The student will normally be working Mon-Fri (9am-5pm) for 4, 5 or 6 weeks. Students should therefore be made aware that is quite a big commitment.

•             Students will receive travel costs to and from their placement. If they fulfil the criteria as set out in the application form, they may also be eligible for an additional bursary.

•             Successful students are required to submit a report at the end of their placement and are also invited to display their work in poster form at a celebration event in either the Royal College of Surgeons or Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh (as in a scientific conference). Next year’s event date and venue are still to be confirmed but will most likely be on Friday 1st September 2017.

PLEASE note – there are a limited number of placements available and as such an application does NOT guarantee a Nuffield placement.

The placements help increase confidence and improve key skills including practical, communication, report-writing and presentation skills. It also provides students with excellent experiences & skills to include on CV’s and personal statements. By working with professional scientists and engineers in a real-life environment, the students gain an invaluable insight into a wide variety of careers.

I hope this is of some help to you. If you would like a visit to the school to meet with you and any interested pupils, do just let me know.

More information on the Nuffield Research Placements scheme can be found at

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any problems or queries.