The Expanding Universe-Use in School

Try this and make sure it is included in your notes

Here are some great little videos.

The Expanding Universe-NOVA



Here are some more fantastic videos, which you generally can’t have access to in school so I’ve downloaded the videos for you. When at home please visit the original sources.

Dr Physics A is a fantastic┬ácommunicator who makes all the content so accessible. He is working through the A level course and some of the content relates to A level material, and is done in a different manner to Higher and AH. The content isn’t wrong, it is just defined by different terms. Find his channel here.

Dr Physics A

Watch, if you check his equations for the special relativity topic he transposes t and t’ (as do many texts etc. Scotland always does things differently)! Check off each of the content points from the outcome booklet.


Hubble’s Constant The Big Bang Theory- Part 1

Hubble’s Constant The Big Bang Theory- Part 2

Hubble’s Constant The Big Bang Theory- Part 3

From the Big Bang to Now

Olber’s Paradox

Dark Energy

BBC Dark Energy