Revision Plan

28/02/18. If you’re stuck inside- DON’T go on your X-boxes, PS4 or whatever the latest number try doing some timed papers.

To the student’s sister who needs the Quantity, Units, Symbols etc .I’ve uploaded the old pre-CfE version and you can just add the additional few. Check out Int1-AH many are relevant. Missing would be t’, l’ etc.

quantity symbol sheet 

If there is a snow day tomorrow, use the time to look at the EMF material and the test will be as soon as we get back.


This is a ten week revision plan, put together by Mr A Riddell from “up North”. It will give you some ideas on how to break up the daunting task of revision. You don’t have to complete this in the same order, but it does give an indication of how much you need to cover in one week.

Study Plan Higher Physics word

Study Plan Higher Physics pdf



Electricity Unit Plan

Wednesday21st February 2018Intro to ElectricityVdG and Measuring frequency
Thurs22nd February 2018Chapter 3a.c and d.c and peak voltage
Friday23rd February 2018PracticalComparing a.c and d.c traces
Monday26th February 2018Chapter 4I,V, P and R
Wednesday28th February 2018Chapter 5EMF
Thurs1st March 2018ASSESSMENTUASP
Friday2nd March 2018EMFEMF practical- can be used as a O1
Monday5th March 2018Go through UASP
Wednesday7th March 2018EMF
Thurs8th March 2018Chapter 6Capacitance boards, C=Q/V Charging and Discharging
Friday9th March 2018Capacitance Capacitance boards, C=Q/V Charging and Discharging
Monday12th March 2018Charging and discharging, uses
Wednesday14th March 2018Tutorials
Thurs15th March 2018
Friday16th March 2018Chapter 7Semiconductors
Monday19th March 2018Band theory (urgh sorry!)
Wednesday21st March 2018
Thurs22nd March 2018
Friday23rd March 2018Chapter 8pn junctions
Monday26th March 2018
Wednesday28th March 2018ASSESSMENTUASP
Thurs29th March 2018

Here is the lesson by lesson end to the course. Nearly there! Stick with it guys and get revising!