Tart Ma Cart

This is the start of the Tart Ma Cart material put together by Gregor Steele from SSERC and spread by Brian Redman. Thanks guys.

The pupil instructions are given in the sheet and are copied below.

Tart Ma Cart2

Tart Ma Cart Pupil Instructions

Style and Safety

You have probably seen TV shows where an ordinary car is fitted with an amazing body kit and a fancy stereo before being given a stunning paint job.

  • Your group’s task is to take an ordinary physics trolley and fit it with a bumper or crumple zone to make it safer in a collision. You can make it stylish, but safety is more important!
  • You will be given a choice of materials plus card and sticky tape.
  • Your design must be able to be fixed to the front of the test trolley with Blu-Tac.
  • It should not add more than 2 cm to the length of your trolley.
  • It must not have a large effect on the performance of the trolley.
  • Your design will be tested. The test will measure the deceleration of the vehicle in a head-on collision.

Do you think a large or small deceleration will be best in a collision? (Should the change of speed in the collision happen quickly or slowly?)

Tart Ma Cart

Tart Ma Cart teacherguide

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