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Hot off the press, I’ve just worked out the cutoff scores for each grade at each level. Here it is.

Cut off scores

A summary of the cut off scores for 5 years at AH, H and N5 physics
2015 RAH1258669735861495544
2015 Trad1258568725860545443

As part of the moderation process we’ve got some fake student scripts.

I have not done a definitive marking instructions but I believe the person who sat this paper, a Drew Escutcheon, has made some sneaky errors to look for.

A Vital Piece of Info for all Markers

Answer Grid

Thanks to Mr C Rossi so making a marking grid for you to add your answers. When we’ve got a finalised MI I’ll publish a commentary with a password so you can’t cheat!




Extracurricular Activities in STEM

This is a video of an IoP Coaching Session that I took part in on 27th October 2020 trying to inspire teachers to grasp the opportunities that are available for them and their students.
Part 1 of the STEM OPPORTUNITIES IoP Coaching Talk 27th October 2020.


AH Uncertainties

This is a presentation I gave on AH Uncertainties for the IoP. It was the end of term and that’s why I am nearly falling asleep. I had to update it as I had indeed taken the absolute and not fractional uncertainty in T to double for the uncertainty in T2.

First few video uploads

3 States of Matter

3 States of matter in one tube from Mrs Physics on Vimeo.

Thanks to Adam P for holding the camera as I did this demo. It shows so much Science in one large boiling tube! Convection, lack of conduction, state of matter, floating and sinking, density! Hope you like it.

The gauze is there only because the ice floats on the water and the ice needs to be at the bottom for the experiment to work.

The Photoelectric Effect


Materials from the colour workshops. Do try some of this at home (but not the flame tests.

Thanks to the wonderful technician who shared these troll ideas on TES. I’ll credit you when I track you down.

Check your sight for colourblindness.

I’ll improve this post when I have a few moments!

November 2019


Hi, I know I’ve uploaded graph paper several places but I can’t easily access it, so here are links to some great free graph paper websites. Make sure that you set the size to A4 or it could play havoc with your printer. You’ll probably find it easier if you use metric sizes so you can use a rule to help you count.

and I’ll make some different sizes.


This is the website with the most flexible arrangement for making your graph paper.

Printable Graph Paper. 1.25 mm per square

Mathsphere free graph paper

Ready made ones

Graph Paper

big squares





General Marking Principles

This document is vital reading for all SQA Physics exam courses. It covers how marks are awarded and how you can fail to receive marks, even if you might have the correct answer. It would really would benefit you if you worked through this document with others on your course and folk at home.

Physics general marking principles


SG Past Papers

Now that SG Physics is well and truly in the past I thought it would be appropriate to publish the past papers and their mark schemes, if I can.

My thanks to J Boyle for passing these along, and to Mr Mackenzie (the ultimate in useful physics information). They are really good practice for students to use for revision for N4/5 etc.


PaperYearM.I.Exam Report
SG(C) 20132013SG(C) 2013 MI2013 Report
SG(C) 20122012SG(C) 2012 MI2012 Report
SG(C) 20112011SG(C) 2011 MI2011 Report
SG(C) 20102010SG(C) 2010 MI2010 Report
SG(C) 20092009SG(C) 2009 MI2009 Report
SG(C) 20082008SG(C) 2008 MI2008 Report
SG(C) 20072007SG(C) 2007 MI2007 Report
SG(C) 20062006SG(C) 2006 MI2006 Report
SG(C) 20052005SG(C) 2005 MI2005 Report
SG(C) 20042004SG(C) 2004 Leckie2004 Report
SG(C) 20032003SG(C)2002_3 Leckie2003 Report
SG(C) 20022002SG(C)2002_3 Leckie2002 Report
SG(C) 20012001SG(C) soln 00-01
SG(C) 20002000SG(C) soln 00-01
SG(C) 19991999SG(C) soln 95-99 pdf
SG(C) 19981998SG(C) soln 95-99 pdfMI 1998 SGC
SG(C) 19971997SG(C) soln 95-99 pdf
SG(C) 19961996SG(C) soln 95-99 pdf
SG(C) 19951995SG(C) soln 95-99 word
SG(C) 19941994SG(C) soln 90-94 pdf
SG(C) 19931993SG(C) soln 90-94 pdf
SG(C) 19921992SG(C) soln 90-94 pdf
SG(C) 19911991SG(C)red soln 90-94 word
SG(C) 19901990SG(C) soln 90-94 pdf


PaperYearM.I.Exam Reports
SG(G) 20132013SG(G) 2013 MI2013 Report
SG(G) 20122012SG(G) 2012 MI2012 Report
SG(G) 20112011SG(G) 2011 MI2011 Report
SG(G) 20102010SG(G) 2010 MI2010 Report
SG(G) 20092009SG(G) 2009 MI2009 Report
SG(G) 20082008SG(G) 2008 MI2008 Report
SG(G) 20072007SG(G) 2007 MI2007 Report
SG(G) 20062006SG(G) 2006 MI2006 Report
SG(G) 20052005SG(G) 2005 MI2005 Report
SG(G) 20042004SG(G)2004 Leckie2004 Report
SG(G) 20032003SG(G)2003 Leckie2003 Report
SG(G) 20022002SG(G) 2002 Leckie2002 Report
SG(G) 20012001SG(G) soln 00-01
SG(G) 20002000SG(G) soln 00-01
SG(G) 19991999SG(G) soln 95-99
SG(G) 19981998SG(G) soln 95-99
SG(G) 19971997SG(G) soln 95-99
SG(G) 19961996SG(G) soln 95-99
SG(G) 19951995SG(G) soln 95-99
SG(G) 19941994SG(G) soln 90-94
1993SG(G) soln 90-94
SG(G) 19921992SG(G) soln 90-94
SG(G) 19911991SG(G) soln 90-94
SG(G) 19901990SG(G) soln 90-94


Mrs Physics has been likened to the back end of a bus, personally she things you can't beat a routemaster for design.
Mrs Physics has been likened to the back end of a bus, personally she thinks you can’t beat a routemaster for design.

Mrs Physics was a named coined by her daughter for a website. Mrs Physics has taught Physics in Scotland for a very long time in two schools, firstly in Hawick High School and then in Lockerbie Academy. She wanted to start a website for many years as a deposit for her resources for Scottish school students studying Physics and a handy place to find useful things. Not being an organised person she feels that if they’re online even she might be able to locate things she needs. She has no background in computing, apart from during her sixth year at school when the wonderful BBC Micro arrived and she learned a bit of Basic.

Mrs Physics has had an exciting career, even if it isn’t considered successful. She has been privileged to be able to set SQA papers and questions and has marked for the SQA at two levels. She has confidence that the system is as robust as it can be, although not perfect. During 2004 she spent seven weeks at Chapelcross, learning that there is life outside teaching.

Nuclear Power Station, before the towers came down
Nuclear Power Station, before the towers came down

Staff at the decommissioned nuclear plant were wonderful and she owes a great deal of gratitude to The Royal Society of Edinburgh for sponsoring this. Having attended the Scottish Space School at both Strathclyde and Houston, Texas, USA, she has a keen interest in Space and has started organising Regional trips to Space school in Houston, the next being in 2018 if you’re interested. She got involved in the Royal Society (the London one) through the Partnership Grants Scheme and worked with Police Scotland Road Traffic Division to put together material for school physics. This has opened amazing doors for both Mrs Physics and her students. They exhibited at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition and at the D&G Science Festival. Students wrote up their work in the Young Scientist’s Journal and were awarded a prize and another trip to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. Renault supported her to attend Renault HQ and find out about car safety. She loves Physics and wants people to realise not all Physics is hard. It encourages thinking and that must be a good thing. Mrs Physics has been down and seen the LHC @ CERN and the enormous CMOS collider. She’s also watched a film being made by ENERGY FORESIGHT, in London. If you have this DVD in school look in the credits. She was the one that got Orkney and Shetland on the map! Mrs Physics’ latest projects are a mass test of student hearing and a trip to Debrecan, Hungary for a Science on Stage 2017 conference. A EU science conference for teachers by teachers. Its fabulous, sign up if you can!

Moffat, one of the Scottish lowland towns
Moffat, one of the Scottish lowland towns

Both Scottish Borders and D&G are a bit out on a limb, so Mrs Physics has tried to get things done in this Region so students aren’t too disadvantaged by living in a beautiful part of Scotland. She was once the D&G Curriculum Leader for Physics and arranged some weekends away in an Outward Bounds centre for teachers where they slept in bunk bed dormitories and burnt croissants in a microwave (completely unintentionally), and arranged for Dr Bunhead to run a Masterclass at Dumfries Academy, where the smoke alarms were activated and the whole school was evacuated. The students were quite surprised to see Dr Bunhead in the playground wearing his googles.


She thinks she has a sense of humour but her students don’t really agree, although they do agree that she is an old biddy. What ex-students generally remember about her is that she writes backwards and drinks weak decaf tea from a huge mug. There are worse things to be remembered for, but I wish a few more would remember some things about Physics.

She is just a tiny bit younger thanthe Lockerbie Ice rink and looks it too, although Mr Physics has said she has worn better- thanks!

The ice rink is definitely older than Mrs Physics-just!

Mrs Physics has a very patient OH who is able to cook, which is pretty important for the two children who would have starved long ago if she were in charge of that side of things. Mr Physics was once an academic who worked in Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions. Fortunately he left to support his family especially Mrs Physics who needed more help than the children. He has now found a new role as the school science technician. In any spare time she has she doesn’t clean the house as most sensible home owners do but she goes to church and tries to visit her 56 foot canal boat as much as possible. It took four years to finally agree on Mostly Harmless as a boat name which is a quote from “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”: compulsory reading for any sentient being.

2014_10_12_16_02_28_fuji-custom 2014_10_12_15_56_00_fuji-custom 2014_10_12_15_52_12_fuji-custom


Hopefully everyone can find something interesting here, if not let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Certainly students from Lockerbie Academy who study Physics or BGE Science should be on here, as this is where your work is stored.


People who have made a great impression on me and affected my Physics teaching include:

  • Michael Birch: Physics Teacher, Chesterfield St. Helena School
  • Des Malone: Deptford Green School
  • Rob Gray: Hawick High School
  • Kevin Bailey: Wallace Hall Academy
  • Frank Callaghan: Annan Academy
  • Tom Balanowski: Linlithgow Academy
  • Dave Pound and Bob McEwen: Lockerbie Academy

thanks to all of them!