Life in Lockdown- day 2

I thought I might try to keep a written diary of these weird times in a tiny Town in SW Scotland. I’m starting with day 2 as I didnt get out on day 1.

Firstly let’s look at the positive, spring is here, the cherry blossom is out on the trees and it made me think that when this is over new life will spring from the old.

Tip of the Day

I’ve just sorted out a whole bunch of pens that don’t work. I put them in the bin and wish I hadn’t. Instead clean it off, pop it in your pocket and use it as an extended finger, like an aye aye. It’s great for putting in your pin for card payments. When you’ve finished put it in the bin.

Town at 9am the town was dead. I walked in the middle of the road to take photos and only 1 van travelled through town as I walked through. The Co-op fruit and veg aisles were back to normal but there were no loo rolls, pasta, or tins of soup, tomatoes etc bean, Ive noticed no shop runs out of sweetcorn.

The greengrocer has set up a table outside the shop and a gloved and masked assistant was serving a couple of older customers who kept their distance. Most shops were closed and bars and pubs had notices on their doors.


Microsoft teams isn’t coping with the traffic so uploading files is a lottery. It’s great to be able to have a main meal at lunch and Kiwi keeps us all entertained. I finally felt like I was making progress setting work between 6pm and 10:30 pm.