Stop the Bomb

Here are the resources for my second escape room that I made for my National 5 Physics class after their revision topic. All of it can be adjusted to differentiate, I just don’t have the time just now.

Sorry to those at the SSERC/ IoP Summer School who got anything wrong because I’d made a mistake, as you saw, it is a bit of a logistical nightmare.

First I’ll try to list what I bought, but you can do it your own way, and for a cheap version each group could bring you the answer to one task and that collects the next.

EquipmentLink to a supplier
Acrylic Box to hold the bomb. I can't recommend this company as they sent the wrong keys and didn't respond to my message.Lockable Acrylic Box
999 day countdown timer. These are great for busy technicians and you so that you can set them well in advance999 day countdown timer
Hasks for 6 padlocks6 hole hasp
Small cash boxesSmall lockable cash box
Chain: our wonderful techy technician cut and welded them to fit the boxFaithfull-2-5m-Zinc-Plated-Chain
Digital padlocks- there are so many you can get but I liked the flexibility of these with good colour choice5 Pieces 4 Digit Combination Locks Combo Locks Long Number Locks OutdoorWaterproof 2.4 Inch Shackle Resettable Padlock for School, Locker, Toolbox, F5 x 4 number combination lock
Oh my look at the price of OHT!Transparency film

The dots are so important, then you can identify which set of locks you’re on!

Task Sheet- some work needs to be done here!

Now the task sheets, edit away and make them yours. Please feed back all my mistakes, I’ve sorted task 3, where for some reason the number in the answers (and hence the lock) didn’t match the activity value in the question- whoops!

User ManualInstructions A5
Instructions 1xA4 8 to a page
Task 1: GridGrid
Task 2: ReceiptShop receipt
Task 3: Questionsquestions radiation v3
questions radiation v3
Task 4: Half LifeHalf Life
Task 4: Half Life graphshalf life graphs
Task 5: Guess WhatGuess who cards
Task 6: DiagramChain reaction v2

Chain reaction advanced

Some info you need

How to unlock the first lock!

Your Physics Lifejacket
May 2022

Laser 1

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on ESCAPE ROOMS so decided if it could be brought online in these difficult times. I’ve made the tasks into a group of posts with the clue to one post being the password to the next.

To complete the ESCAPE ROOM you need to have the correct answers to the following:

  1. In which town/city/village/ scenic place am I being held?
  2. What is the exact place within the above? 
  3. Who has captured me?
  4. What is the contact details of the person who is holding me?

So here goes……….

File- Titled “The Case of the LASER”

On the table is a large handbag, it appears to have a lot of combination locks on the bag. There is a file and a locked folder.

In the Unlocked Part of the Bag

In the bag is a lanyard (see below) with an ID work badge, a mirror and a James Herbert Book- The Fog.

A compact mirror is in the bag
This is in the bag, the only part not locked up.

There is a bookmark in the book that says “the first clue is in the title of the book”.

To solve the first clue write the 3 word phrase (all lower case) for what I need to do to unlock the rest of the clues. This three word phrase is the password to the next post LASER 2. NB, All passwords are lower case or numbers unless stated.

Here is the link to the next task


Need a Hint? Click on the number of the post you are on to give you a hint, or a great big mallet to get you on to the next post.

LASER [mfn reference number=1]What can you fog that is in the bag?[/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=2]I can’t make it any clearer! Just type in the number to get the password[/mfn]


LASER [mfn reference number=4] [/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=5]Check out 16.6 in the National 5 Compendium, [/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=6]3.0 × 108 ms-1, Energy decreases, 1.44 × 1011m, 2m, 0.36 ms-1[/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=7] v=f λ, where v =3.0 × 108 ms-1 f = 395× 10-9 m, Remember your answer is in GHz, so you just need a 3 digit number no decimals[/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=8]2015 m, Z=ENERGY,Y =LONGITUDINAL, X= PERIOD, (6/0.24)×2+1[/mfn]

LASER[mfn reference number=9][/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=10] λ=d/N, λ=20/4 , A=4/2, ☒=x[/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=11] snowflake = T, Hand=I, Sun = R, so find what T.I.R. means with relation to optics. [/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=12]0 not correct for X-rays, 1=in wrong boxes, 2=retina not a detector for IR, 3= radio not a source but a detector of radio, 4=CORRECT, 5= not correct for gamma, 6=CORRECT, 7=CORRECT, 8=Sun lamp not a detector of UV but a source, 9=CORRECT, now that’s enough of a clue, you can put those in the correct order or use trial and error, there aren’t that many combinations! [/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=13] Can you really not find it? Look on page 17.[/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=14] These are the contacts whose name begins with a part of the EM Spectrum.
0141 9496 0829 Georgina
+44 131 9496 0058 Mr Gilmour Shankey
+44 1632 960108 Iain Rennie
029 9496 0929 Moorings
028 9018 0155 Muddle MP
0141 9496 0600 Rebekah & Thomas (Radio and TV)
01224-822566 the eX! (poetic licence)
0131 9496 0243 Una Vine
0116 9496 0396 Vanora


LASER [mfn reference number=15]Well the UV torch wont work if the switch isn’t closed! [/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=16]Question 4 answers a and b had 2 waves, but c and d there are 2.5 waves in the distance. (a) λ=6m, A=1m.(b) λ=10 m, A=3 m .(c) λ=2 m, A=0.75 m .(d) λ=12 m, A=2.8 m [/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=17] Its a building full of sick people! I hope I don’t end up here when I eventually get covid-19[/mfn]

LASER [mfn reference number=18]Come off it, I’ve given you 17 clues, if you need a clue for this last one you don’t deserve to get into this last post. Check out LASER 14 hint, and just try them all! Start with a capital letter! [/mfn]