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Here you’ll find details of my fight with wordpress and added ramblings about Physics and things on my mind. If I can get it to work you ought to be able to click on one of the categories above and that should take you to a classified set of posts. Students ought to find the section on Physics for students most useful, although some may be interested in the Physics teaching section. Several of the posts have been taken from other places, but thought that they were well worth sharing.

I hope that you’ll find something worth reading here, even if it is a lesson in how an old person still has so much to learn. I really ought to get a more basic book on WordPress! And to any of my students struggling to understand Physics, think of me trying to understand how to build a website and we can compare results in August when your National 5s, Higher and AH results are published. All the best to you all.


Updated 2019

P.S. If you see Mostly Harmless along the canal take a photo and post it on here. For one school it should be a little too easy! Watch out if we make it to the Wheel!