Safe Winter Drive Campaign 26th November 2016

Thank you to all those who answered the questionnaire on Winter Driving.



21st September European Day Without A Road Death- wonderful news. No deaths on D&G roads on 21st September 2016. Let’s keep it this way.

Support this event! But don’t drive on this side of the Road in the UK!


DSCF2859Below are the pictures of our Road Safety Event, which involved Lockerbie Academy students, Police Scotland and sponsorship from Tesco Lockerbie and Brake. The students had an amazing day and really built up their confidence and team skills. Everyone of them now feels confident that they could check a car for safe winter driving. One commented that it only felt like 2 hours and not 5. Inspector Campbell Moffat and his team taught the students in a lovely way, building up their confidence and ensuring that they would complete the checks adequately. We would especially like to say a great big thank you to Tesco Lockerbie. Not only did they provide de-icer, sponges and screenwash, but they also gave up a large chunk of their car park, as not many towns folk were up the Academy end. Tesco were great hosts and even provided a top up of the screen wash, for which we and the drivers were grateful. We will tweak our speeches to the driver, but would be happy to do winter checks again. Thank you so much. The Road Safety message continues to be reiterated at Lockerbie Academy.

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As part of Lockerbie Academy’s continued drive and commitment to road safety we have again teamed up with Police Scotland through Inspector Campbell Moffat and Sergeant Paul Dodds to bring a “Winter Safe Drive” winter drivingCampaign to Lockerbie Academy and everyone is invited, whether you own a car or not. This is a FREE event, and the Police and pupils will be on hand, with some school staff to answer questions on safe winter driving, advise you on what to have in your car in case of breakdown, or being stuck due to a traffic jam or bad weather and to complete car safety checks. This is an advisory event, and hopefully you and your car will leave better prepared for the winter driving ahead.

A new team of Road Safety students have been busy preparing for the event making banners, posters and learning about safe driving. The questionnaire, which was started a couple of years ago has been re-launched and we hope to help to make drivers in Dumfries and Galloway feel more confident and be more prepared and have their cars ready for the winter..

We believe at Lockerbie Academy that young people can make a huge difference to road safety. They make passionate, effective campaigners who understand the devastation road crashes cause to young lives. They can help prevent casualties, and make their communities safer and greener, by speaking out for road safety and sustainable transport, and making and encouraging responsible decisions within their peer group.

We will have copies of the Brake Pledge for safer driving, which you can sign if you feel that you want to add your name to the campaign. There will be lots of free items and a chance to ensure that you have a clean windscreen and lights, that your lights are fully working, screenwash is topped up and tyres are at the right pressure. We hope to be selling additional items at cost price.
Please come and support us for this event, even if the weather is bad, we will be waiting to help you out. Bring your cars to the Lockerbie Academy car park, and even if you are a non driver, or don’t have a car, there will also be helpful advice for pedestrians as well.
THE EVENT TOOK PLACE ON SATURDAY 26TH NOVEMBER BETWEEN 10AM AND 3PM. Approximately 80 vehicles were checked.
 campbell moffat crop
Thanks to Inspector Campbell Moffat and his team for making this event so enjoyable and educational for our students. They will be great ambassadors for Road Safety.


Make a difference to road safety: Make the Brake Pledge

Brake’s vision is a world where streets are pleasant, unpolluted, and safe for everyone to use freely.

To help us get there, everyone can sign our Pledge, whether you are a driver or not. The Pledge calls for people to drive less and, if they do drive, to do everything they can to protect themselves and the people around them. Scroll down to read the Pledge

 Make the Brake Pledge too


Drivers – I’ll stay under limits, and slow down to 20mph around schools, homes and shops to protect others. I’ll slow right down for bends, brows and bad weather, and avoid overtaking.
Everyone – I’ll speak out for slowing down and help drivers understand that the slower they drive, the more chance they have of avoiding a crash and saving a life.


Drivers – I’ll never drive after drinking any alcohol or drugs – not a drop, not a drag.
Everyone – I’ll plan ahead to make sure I, and anyone I’m with, can get home safely and I’ll never get a lift with drink/drug drivers. I’ll speak out if someone’s about to drive on drink or drugs.


Drivers – I’ll make sure everyone in my vehicle is belted up on every journey, and kids smaller than 150cm are in a proper child restraint. I’ll choose the safest vehicle I can and ensure it’s maintained.
Everyone – I’ll belt up on every journey, and make sure friends and family do too.


Drivers – I’ll never take or make calls, read or type when driving. I’ll put communication devices out of reach, and stay focused.
Everyone – I’ll never chat on the phone to someone else who’s driving.


Drivers – I’ll stay focussed on safe driving. I’ll take regular breaks and never drive if I’m tired, stressed or on medication that affects driving. I’ll