Road Safety Playmats

We might be using playmats, but some of the students appear to have poor road habits already ingrained as you can see in this video taken by two students in S2 who are currently completing the Road Safety 1 topic. We are looking at speed, distance, time, calculations, using calculators, and laying out questions correctly.

October 2019

Updated materials

Thanks to Pete Monteith of Police Scotland a.k.a. Calculator Pete (as he still has his calculator from school, and in those days there was no direct algebraic logic) for these updated pdf files of the plans. He’s done so much behind the scenes for this project and so many people owe him so much. THANKS from Mrs Physics (who chucked out her school calculator last year as it was never used)

School pedestrian no dimensions

School pedestrian

School plan 2 cars

School plan no dimensions 2 cars


This is a great resource to test your driving without using a real granny!

Links to our Road Safety Projects

Your Ideas Your Initiative have hosted many of our resources that we’ve used. We are grateful to Renault for hosting these, although several are now out of date.

We published the work in CATALYST magazine too.


This is the link to our work that was submitted by the students, particularly Leelah and Laura. This received a gold award by the Royal Society and 11 of us went back to the Summer Science Exhibition 2015 to receive a Science Book each. Thanks to the Royal Society for their wonderful support.

Be a Crash Test Investigator Materials

Below are the resources for the crash simulation part of the Road safety course. For lower school road safety work please see the BGE page of the website and click on the road safety section.

A photo of the set up in the assembly Hall. Obviously this can be adapted for your own use, or reflected for those who drive on the right.

Hope you find the materials useful and I’ll tidy them up as soon as I can. I’ve also a few more items to upload

Site Diagram

 car pedestrian plan

2 vehicle 2vehicleplan

IMG_9327 (Small)    Sourcing materials

tyre   Tyre Prints

Front cover image

 Pupil sheets pdf version

Pupil Sheets word version











Front Cover of HandoutRoyal Society Leaflet


Thanks to Julian Gillespie for producing a poster for the ASE Conference.

a0-julian science-on-stage-ao-poster

a0-original-poster science-on-stage-2

Witness Statements

witness statements word version

witness statements pdf version


Signs SiS1 word version

Signs SiS1 pdf version


Worked Answers

Calculation carsA B[2] word version

Calculations pedestrian[2] word version

Calculations pedestrian[2] pdf

Results2 pdf

Animation of the Pedestrian and Car Collision
From 1:50 min you can see the whole thing in reverse!
Student Instructions for the collision between two cars

updated January 2020