Diary of a Space School

Diary of a Space School

Can I please recommend that you check out the Space Center University page on facebook. The pictures taken use a much better camera! Also check out Carluke High Schools Twitter feed with a link to their 400+ photos.


So that the posts can be read in chronological order I will make the diary just one post and write in blocks, (if I can get it to work)

Here is a very brief overview of what we did on each day, so that Space Cadets can write something for the Holywood Trust, who kindly sponsored us for this trip.

Monday 17th October

  • Introduction
  • Tram Tour – Mission Control, Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, Saturn V shed,
  • Snake Rescue(Fred)
  • Rocket construction
  • Heat Shield & Testing
  • Evening: Pizza, Swimming & Films

Tuesday 18th October

  • Rocket Launch
  • Habitat Design & Construction
  • Habitat Presentation
  • Evening: Main Event Billiards

Wednesday 19th October

  • Talk by Emmanuel Urquieta, MD. 30 day HERA mission Mars simulation (for 715 mission). 4 crew, 3 men 1 woman
  • Cryogenic Marshmallow Construction and Testing
  • Mars Rover Construction
  • Evening: Kemah Boardwalk

Thursday 20th October

  • Neutral Buoyancy Lab Visit
  • Mars Rover testing
  • Williams Pool Robotic Sphero Challenge (Thunder, torrential rain, Air display rehearsals)
  • Evening: Golden Corrall Meal, Galleria Mall shopping

Friday 21st October

  • Independence Plaza (Shuttle & 747)
  • Brunch followed by Q&A session with Brian Duffy (4x shuttle astronaut)
  • Starship Gallery video and tour.
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Free Time around Museum
  • Swimming
  • Evening: Main Event, Bowling.
  • More swimming

Saturday 22nd October

  • Late breakfast, packing & Checkout
  • Main Event/hanging around
  • Buses to airport.

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