A two tier teaching plan was implemented:

  1. Collision Investigators would attend at various secondary schools throughout the Region and give inputs to S5 and S6 pupils on a high profile crash where three young people from the Region were killed as a result of inappropriate speed. They explain to the pupils how the collision happened and the methods used to calculate speeds using maths and physics.
  2. A successful application for a Partnership Grant from the Royal Society allowed Inspector Hewitson and Mrs Physics to purchase various pieces of investigative equipment including scaled vehicles, measuring tapes, laptops etc to set up a one-third scale version of an actual collision involving a pedestrian and vehicle.
    Using scale plans, witness statements and some mathematical data pupils were asked to work out from the physical evidence left at the ‘scene’ what speed the vehicle was travelling at prior to the collision and the behaviour of the pedestrian prior to the collision
    Booklets were supplied to each pupil for them to work out what had happened.
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