2018 Itinerary

Hi Folks, Well here it is- the Itinerary for Space School 2018 as put together by Bill Wellington from Visions in Education in USA.

D&G Regional Space School Texas STEM –

  • Itinerary for the 14th to 21st October 2018
  • STEM Mission to Mars / Springhill Suites, Houston
DAY ONE03:05Check-in at Glasgow International Airport for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight # 1470
14-Oct-1806:05Departure of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight # 1470 for Amsterdam Schiphol
Sun08:45Arrive Amsterdam
09:50Departure of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight # 661 for Houston, Texas
13:10Arrive George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport; Houston, Texas
<---->Gather luggage & prepare for departure
14:10Transfer to Springhill Suites NASA/Webster
15:10Arrive at Springhill Suites, meet your Ambassador and check-in
17:00Visions Welcome & Safety Meeting
<---->Dinner on own
DAY TWO07:00Breakfast at Hotel
15-Oct-1807:45Transfer to Johnson Space Center
Mon08:00Check-in at Space Center Houston
08:10Space Center Welcome
08:30Johnson Space Center Tram Tour
10:00Room Orientation Binder
10:30Rocketry Overview
11:00Lunch at NASA
11:30Rocketry Build
14:15Mars Habitat & Planet Pioneers Research for Mars Habitat
15:15Swing Test & Safety
16:00Debrief & Dismiss
16:00Free time in Space Center
17:00Transfer to hotel
19:00Pizza Night at Hotel in the Orion Room
DAY THREE07:00Breakfast at Hotel
16-Oct-1807:45Transfer to Johnson Space Center
Tues08:00Check-in at Space center Houston
08:15Rocket Safety & Launch
09:15Rocket Park Tour
09:45Habitat Overview
10:30(Begin work on) Martian Habitat Design & Build
11:00Lunch at NASA
11:30(Continue work on) Martian Habitat Design & Build
15:00Habitat Presentations
16:00Debrief & Dismiss
16:15Free time in Space Center
17:00Walk to Luby's
17:15Dinner at Luby's
18:15Transfer to Cinemark 18 for Movie Night
<----> Movies at Cinemark 18
<---->Walk to hotel
DAY FOUR07:00Breakfast at Hotel
17-Oct-1807:45Transfer to Johnson Space Center
Wed08:00Check-in at Space Center
08:15Guest Speaker in Mission Briefing Center
09:00VEX Robotics Overview
09:30(Begin work on) VEX End Defector Build Challenge
11:00Lunch at NASA
11:30(Continue work on) VEX End Effector Build
12:00Coding Overview
12:30End Effector Build Coding & Competition
15:00Mars Yard End Effector Competition
16:00Debrief & dismiss
16:15Transfer to hotel
17:15Transfer to Fuddruckers 2040 NASA Road 1, Houston
17:30Dinner at Fuddruckers Burgers
18:30Transfer to Baybrook Mall
18:45Free Time at Baybrook Mall
21:00Transfer to hotel
DAY FIVE07:00Breakfast at Hotel
18-Oct-1807:45Transfer to Johnson Space Center
Thurs08:00Check in at Space Center
08:15Thermal Tile & Cryogenics Challenge
09:15Communication Tower
09:45Thermal Tile & Cryogenics Testing
11:00Lunch at NASA
11:30Depart Space Center for Neutral Buoyancy Lab
12:00Neutral Buoyancy Lab Tour
13:15Transfer to Williams Pool
13:45Water Robotics Activity
15:45Debrief & Dismiss
16:00Transfer to hotel
17:45Walk to Main Event
18:00Dinner & Bowling (2 hrs) at Main Event Entertainment Center
DAY SIX07:00Breakfast at Hotel
19-Oct-1807:45Transfer to Johnson Space Center
Fri08:00Starship Gallery Tour
08:45Prepare for Graduation Brunch
09:00Graduation Brunch Festivities Begin
10:00NASA Astronaut Presentation
11:00Independence Plaza Tour
12:00Wrap-up Surveys; Graduation Concludes
Free Time to Explore Exhibits at Johnson Space Center
16:30 Transfer to the Kemah Boardwalk
<--->Free Time to Explore Kemah Boardwalk / Attractions are 'On Own'
19:30Dinner at Bubba Gump / Kemah Boardwalk
20:30Transfer to hotel
DAY SEVEN6:30 - 9:30Breakfast at Leisure
20-Oct-1810:00Check-out of hotel
Sat10:30Load coach and prepare for departure
11:05Transfer to IAH- George Bush Intercontinental Airport for Departure
12:05Arrive at IAH & check in for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight 662
15:05Departure of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight 662 for Amsterdam Schiphol
21-Oct-1807:15Arrive Amsterdam
12:05Departure of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight 1475 for Glasgow
12:40Arrive Glasgow

Please note that the above itinerary is given as a sample for guidance.  While Visions in Education will endeavour to adhere to this programme as closely as possible, it may be necessary for operational reasons to make modifications in resort.

All flight times shown are local and may be subject to schedule changes at the discretion of the airline / coach company.



Regional Space School 2018

The timer below has been running for nearly two years and was based on an estimated departure time. Now we’re really close I’ve added a timer above with the true start time. So if in doubt when to drop off your students then check out the first clock. If it goes to a negative, we’ve gone without you!

The second D&G Space School 2018 is currently being planned. If you live in Dumfries & Galloway, will be in S4- S6 at school in October 2018 and will be studying at least one science then you should be eligible for the trip. There is a lot of fundraising to do before this time, so sign up, and join in. Speak to your School SCIENCE TEACHER for details.

Although the cost is approximately £2,000 we hope to raise a large portion of this, and you can try to raise it all. So don’t let this stop you.

Last time the trip was to cost over £2,000 but each student paid a maximum of £1,621 and we had loads less time to raise funds. One student could not afford the trip so got funding from various sources to cover the whole trip.