Regional Space School 2018

The second D&G Space School 2018 is currently being planned. If you live in Dumfries & Galloway, will be in S4- S6 at school in October 2018 and will be studying at least one science then you should be eligible for the trip. There is a lot of fundraising to do before this time, so sign up, and join in. Speak to your School SCIENCE TEACHER for details.

Although the cost is approximately £2,400 we hope to raise a large portion of this, and you can try to raise it all. So don’t let this stop you.

Last time the trip was to cost over £2000 but each student paid a maximum of £1,621 and we had loads less time to raise funds. One student could not afford the trip so got funding from various sources to cover the whole trip.



Diary of a Space School

Diary of a Space School

Can I please recommend that you check out the Space Center University page on facebook. The pictures taken use a much better camera! Also check out Carluke High Schools Twitter feed with a link to their 400+ photos.

So that the posts can be read in chronological order I will make the diary just one post and write in blocks, (if I can get it to work)

Here is a very brief overview of what we did on each day, so that Space Cadets can write something for the Holywood Trust, who kindly sponsored us for this trip.

Monday 17th October

  • Introduction
  • Tram Tour – Mission Control, Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, Saturn V shed,
  • Snake Rescue(Fred)
  • Rocket construction
  • Heat Shield & Testing
  • Evening: Pizza, Swimming & Films

Tuesday 18th October

  • Rocket Launch
  • Habitat Design & Construction
  • Habitat Presentation
  • Evening: Main Event Billiards

Wednesday 19th October

  • Talk by Emmanuel Urquieta, MD. 30 day HERA mission Mars simulation (for 715 mission). 4 crew, 3 men 1 woman
  • Cryogenic Marshmallow Construction and Testing
  • Mars Rover Construction
  • Evening: Kemah Boardwalk

Thursday 20th October

  • Neutral Buoyancy Lab Visit
  • Mars Rover testing
  • Williams Pool Robotic Sphero Challenge (Thunder, torrential rain, Air display rehearsals)
  • Evening: Golden Corrall Meal, Galleria Mall shopping

Friday 21st October

  • Independence Plaza (Shuttle & 747)
  • Brunch followed by Q&A session with Brian Duffy (4x shuttle astronaut)
  • Starship Gallery video and tour.
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Free Time around Museum
  • Swimming
  • Evening: Main Event, Bowling.
  • More swimming

Saturday 22nd October

  • Late breakfast, packing & Checkout
  • Main Event/hanging around
  • Buses to airport.

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ESPACE- Skills Course, Space with French (and a wee bit of Spanish)

For several years I have been lucky enough to have time to run a BGE course with the Modern Languages Department called ESPACE. We take the topic of Space and add in some communication and French. Unfortunately some of the Prezi presentations that have been produced are not available, but below is some of the resources I’ve been using. You are most welcome to use anything here.

1 Espace Plan Part of the initial plan for the Espace Course

1b Espace silver plan

2.Espace temp team building Some team building exercises, for astronaut training

4.Moon Landing mission3

4.Moon-Landing-mission4 This ppp includes the option of words in Spanish.

Test de la NASA The French version

moon_quiz_protected2 Upload your answers here and find your score. NB macros have to be enabled to allow this mark sheet to work. Based on the French edition.

Blog post of our Apollo 13 re-enactment

3 Mission Patch


spanish moon words

5. Basic Human Needs

6. Space prog

7. space Agencies

12. Espace the ISS2

Below are some other resources for a space topic. Enjoy!

Mass and Weight





Astronaut Egg Drop

Astronomy WHS Sow

constellations lesson