Space School 2020 Update

Update 26/6/20

This is not the official line yet, and only been verbally discussed.

In all honesty this trip is to be cancelled and you are likely to be having all your money returned apart from £150, which we will try to recover for you. We would love to run the trip at a later date and hopefully you will be able to join us then. This has only been verbally discussed today. Details will come out by the end of the week and hopefully money can be returned soon. I will be just as upset if not more than you as it was to be my last trip too. We will send details as soon as we have them and will return money as soon as possible.

Please see below for the Space School Letter that should be coming your way. I’m afraid it is the waiting game until July. We want everyone to be safe, and I will be gutted if I can’t go to what would be my last visit, but I’m not putting your children or my lives at risk.

Part 1
part 2

Do get in touch if there is anything else you’d like to discuss.

Have you missed it?

Below are copies of the materials shown at the Parents’ Evening on 11th June 2018.

Do look over it to remind you what a great time you are likely to have.


Student D&G Scottish Space School






11 June Meeting


Here is the Itinerary which may or may not change.


Have you lost it?

Here are the forms that you ought to have filled in! Further forms will be added as and when required.

Image-Release-Form-Space-Center-U-9-21-16 This form is required so that photos of students can be taken and uploaded to the NASA Space School Site


Scuba-Release-Form-Space-Center-U-9-29-16 Don’t hold your breath we might not need this one!

Consent & Medical Form (June 2017) pdf version. This will need to be filled in for NASA and then with 2 weeks to go to the trip to allow for updated medication.

Consent & Medical Form (June 2017) word version of the above

Please email Mr or Mrs Hargreaves or Mr Ormrod if you need the permission to take your child out of the country form.