Homework for 6th Sept


  1. NAH 2016 pp Q1, 2
  2. NAH 2017 pp Q1, 2, 3
  3. NAH 2018 pp Q1, 2, 3
  4. Complete all tutorials, mark them and hand them in for checking
  5. Complete the SCHOLAR tests for the first 4 parts of Unit 1
  6. Revise for an Assessment on Rotational Motion on 10th Sept.

Homework for 21/6

Please complete notes for ALL of Kinematics and Angular Motion. Use the Traffic Light document to help you. Cover, calculus and the equations of motion definitions. Proving the angular motion equations, prove equation for central acceleration. Look at circular motion and cover banking, tension in circles, washing machine drums. pendulums. Hand these in Thurs Period 5.

SQA Exam

SQA Physics Exam. This is what you’re working towards!

Afternoon in the Assembly Hall

Today is what you’ve worked for. Give it your best shot.

Don’t be late

Bring your

  • pen
  • pencil
  • ruler (30 cm)
  • eraser
  • calculator
  • protractor
  • …..and go to the loo before hand!