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So this little blighter has caused so much trouble and put all of your hard work in a precarious position, but currently you are still having your projects’ marked so please get them finished and collect as much evidence of your success over the year as possible. This must be done remotely.

If you were to sit your Higher on 30th April and have got as much evidence as possible then why not start on the AH Course.

AH SQA pastpapers

Doing past papers at the moment? Below is a link to a helpful site to give you hints if you get stuck on past papers without revealing the answer. Thanks to Mr Hopely for this. It is also useful for Chemistry, Maths, and other subjects we don’t offer here.


I’ll upload the new relationships sheet into this compendium asap and label it 2020.

Do download and adapt the Course content from 2019 but it would be great if you could give credit to the author.

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To the Advanced Higher Section. Keep up to date with how long it is until your Advanced Higher Physics exam, check on information for your Project, find past papers, marking instructions and course reports.

I wish you every success as you pass through this difficult year. Keeping going when the unconditional offers come in is tough, so try to complete your project in plenty of time, and if possible by Christmas. It is the best way to feel confident about the whole process.

CfE AH traffic light sheets Traffic Light document in excel to monitor your progress.

AH Physics Data Sheet The data sheet that you’ll find in the exam papers. Make sure you keep a copy for SQA practice questions. Please note that it changes every year if something is needed to be added so always check it at the start of your exam.

CfE AH relationships sheet The relationship sheet, containing formulae for AH, H, a few maths equations and a periodic table. The updated version is in the Specimen paper, but I’ll need to covert it to a word document first so that could take a while.

Published by the SQA the latest Course Support Notes. Check the landscape pages for the content and context of the AH Physics Course.

Here is the detailed document for the new project marking scheme. I’ll get the new single page marking scheme ready asap.

Physics Course Adv Higher Education Scotland Background and Teaching Notes.

Physics Resource Guide AdvH Education Scotland Resource Guide, many of the links are out of date, but there are a few gems in here.

Physics AH Open Ended Questions Jim Page’s Revised AH Open Ended Question Guide.

This document is important to all NQ SQA Physics courses and should be read carefully. It will enlighten you to how your exam will be marked. I am trying to learn each case, so hopefully in a few years, you can test me!

Marking Principles

graph paper

Need a piece of graph paper?

Print some off here!

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