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Using John Sharkey’s Flash Learning Virtual CfE Advanced Higher Physics these videos cover all of the unit Rotational Motion and Astrophysics. Note there have been a few changes to the Course Specifications since these were produced.

Here are some of the recordings from Virtual Flash Learning for the Rotational Motion Section. Turn off the volume if you dont want to hear from me.

AH Kinematic Relationships using the Virtual Physics

Angular Momentum-

This one has audio but you can switch it off.

Angular Motion

Rotational Dynamics


Space and Time

Stellar Physics

Note in the Stellar Physics video the equation for Apparent Brightness has now been changed see below

Apparent Brightness where d is the distance from the star to Earth
The thermal energy radiated by a blackbody radiator per second per unit area. This only works for Black Bodies, for other bodies the emissivity must be included. You will only be asked about black bodies in your AH exam.

Luminoscity, where r is the radius of the star.
December 2020

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    1. The Virtual physics series was a virtual text book produced by John Sharkey from Flashlearning made specifically for the Scottish Courses. When he retired he kindly gifted the resource to Scottish Schools for use for Scottish students provided no commercial gain was made from it. It was possibly the most widely used “book” for Physics students. It was produced in shockwave flash and no longer runs on school networks but a member of the Scottish Physics teachers forum has got in working to some degree but it is only available in Scotland. Hope this answers your query. We are a very generous lot in Scottish Physics Teaching and widely share our resources.

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