Time consuming

As I’d sent my postal vote away already I had time on my hands! Well I had another go at the website when ex-pupil came and inspired me again. I am so desperate to get things up on the site, but I am currently struggling with the demands of the day job. Physics teachers, especially those in Scotland are the most generous people I know but there is still quite a lot required of a single Physics teacher in Science Faculty when other teachers are going to have to teach your subject. Please be patient, and hopefully over the long summer, when the rain starts and the house is tidy I can really make this site interesting. For now just watch the paint dry.

Love this joke on sputnik.

Why are protons always positive?

Because they are more up than down.”

It’s great to have an in joke. If you don’t get it watch the video below!


One week on…

Well the website is just over a week old and it now has 6 parts. I’ve put in my first pictures and links and made logos. I’ve not got the hang of uploading everything as I keep getting http error messages and I haven’t got it to look good yet, but I feel I’ve learned quite a lot. Wish I knew how to make the calendars a little smaller, but those finer details can come later. I wish I was competent and knowledgeable about making a website. I don’t know if trial and error or a good read first is what is required!