Meet B.A daVinci

Who is this new chap B.A deVinci?

B.A or Buoyancy Aid- keeping you afloat with your Physics

Careful- see I’ve 2 right hands!

Mrs Physics has been very fortunate to be part of the Digital Mentoring for Schools and Colleges programme, where for one year a mentor in academia works with someone in schools. I have been very delighted to work with Dr Linda Shore, first of Napier University and laterly of Glasgow School of Art.

She has provided me with loads of ideas for inspiring students using mrsphysics website. In fact her creative ideas are so immense that I think it will take me many years to put them all into practice, and I’ll also need some more training in codewriting. Together we worked on asking students how we could make the site better- I’ve lots of work to do on that. We then thought of the tagline “Keeping you afloat with Physics” so we needed B.A daVinci to be created. He is a little lifejacket or bouyancy aid that I found on and he has been transformed by Mr C Rossi from St. Joseph’s College (where has he been hiding this talent all these years) and Master Physics.

Hopefully he can point you to everything you need to know, and he can be “keeping you afloat with Physics”.

Thanks to all of those involved and to Lesley Broadwood for putting us in touch. He is this colour as he matches the boat.

Now my classes want the full merchandise, mugs, stickers, bags… I just want them to succeed at Physics!

Oh and why daVinci? I think he must be the most amazing polymath, and he was left-handed, wrote backwards, and was just totally out of my league. What is there not to like about daVinci? (Apart from that stupid code in Dan Brown’s book which is totally readable by most lefties!)

September 2022