Offline, online

Well I’m sitting in seat A30 in carriage A of the 18:43 to Norwich. We’re on the Cross Country line and just shaken ourselves around so we can all find a seat. We we’re packed in like sardines on the Transpennine train from Lockerbie, with silly announcements like “Sorry you’re packed in like sardines, but what do you expect if you travel at peak times on a Friday.”

This week has been mental for being on and offline. On Saturday I got a warning from the website hosts saying unlock your FTP as Forthhosting is migrating servers. Looking at the control panel I could see no way of doing this and wasn’t sure the email was genuine. I signed back up for Jetpack in case things went pear shaped which they did. CALLUM, who set up the site, assured me he’d done a full backup of the 4.6Gb site. Then Sunday Mrsphysics went down. I must have been around when it was happening as between me getting an email from a conscientious student saying it was down and me checking on my phone that it was ok the thing went offline and stayed that way, until an hour or so ago. I’ve come to rely on using it: students had the excuse that homework couldn’t be handed in as they didn’t have access, and I couldn’t get the video clips I’d uploaded for AH.

All this coincided with a shut down, at school of connections on Wednesday for totally different reasons. No phones, no registration lists, no internet and lots of blank faces. “We’ll just do this, drat can’t it needs internet, we’ll do that, heck it’s not working!” “Has anyone seen any books recently?” I think everyone left early Wednesday.

This also happened to be the day our lovely partners at MRC, in Glasgow were expecting us to train for our Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow project. It would have been an ideal time to pop up and start this project as Rosie the Head is up there waiting to be plugged in. The email mentioning this had been sorted into my ‘canal’ box as I’d offered a narrowboat trip after the training. Alas, I found this too late to sort.

Hopefully we can get this thing off the ground on 11th, before saying Goodbye to Owen, my star in all this who is moving to Trumpton; he’ll be sorely missed!

After crushes on the train and crashes taking me offline I think I’ll unplug everything and mooch around the market with Mum for the weekend and remember what it was like when trains went clackerty clack and typewriters made a similar noise and only people from Bletchley had heard of computers.

Ha even this post crashed, as I lost the 4G signal around Stockport, and Chrome disappeared to nothing.

Going to read a book. Have a good weekend.