Hear Today Extension

Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some but for Mrs Physics and family it has been a great day as we welcome Nelson Alves Correia who is on a 9 day exchange thanks to Science on Stage and the Royal Society.

We are extending our Hear Today Gone Tomorrow project to the EU. We’ve a lot of readings still to take in school here, but hopefully a bit of friendly rivalry will spur on the students.

After Nelson had left home at 22:00 on 12th April he finally got to Lockerbie at 14:45 on 13th April, so after a cuppa and a briefing we did a couple of hearing tests and checked his audiometer had arrived in school.

First we say a big welcome and then we can have an interesting Scottish welcome, and maybe go on a haggis shoot before we get down to a great exchange. We’ve already travelled the world discussing the history of our two nations.  (Hence the featured image, which I’d never seen before). I think we’re in for a great week.

The Cantino planisphere, completed by an unknown Portuguese cartographer in 1502, is one of the most precious cartographic documents of all times. It depicts the world, as it became known to the Europeans after the great exploration voyages at the end of the fifteenth and beginning of the sixteenth century to the Americas, Africa and India. It is now kept in the Biblioteca Universitaria Estense, Modena, Italy

Both Nelson and Mrs Physics like to explore, whether it is the world of Science or in general and I hope that you realize the importance of finding out about the world around you and further afield. It certainly adds to life.

Nelson, bem vindo ao Reino Unido. Nós todos esperamos que você tenha um tempo fantástico na Escócia e que este seja o começo de uma longa colaboração