Resources for Physics.

I’ve been promising to write this for months now and need to apologise to the two guys from Bright Red publishing, but the running of schools is quite manic at the moment so keeping up with the day job is as far as it goes.

Anyway I promised I’d give a shout out for some of the books etc available to supplement your physics teaching in schools which I’m sure is quite brilliant.

I am not receiving any money for any of this, I’m just trying to help out students and parents,”for the love of physics”- now there’s a good name!

So here are my book etc recommendations.

N5 physics

Bright Red Publishing, National 5 physics, new edition by Paul Van der Boon. Published at £14.99 but your school could get this cheaper if they bulk order.

i was also impressed with their revision cards, either for your teachers to test you at the end of the lesson or for your own revision.

These were made during covid lockdown and was time well spent.

if you are someone who teaches for the biscuit run or bread bin as soon as getting in from school; put a pack of these by the food store and challenge yourself to get 3 in a row before diving in for some carbs.

Cheap and cheerful…

Money is tight for everyone so another little number, covering the basics is CGP National 5 Physics.

See if your teacher would place an order to reduce costs for you.

CGP also make a past paper type book with examples which is great for all those who get through the large number of past papers.