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1469476267547-32194288This is my neighbour.
Locked up on the Scottish canals. Mostly Harmless is very Harmless as we can’t go anywhere until we get some important repairs done. That’s three new batteries and the shower to fix. I’m quite content though as I get to catch up with my Higher, Nat 5 and BGE notes. The boat is only six feet ten inches across and fifty-six feet long, so even I can keep it tidy. Anyway over the last week I’ve managed to work the website through my phone as I’ve no internet connection from my computer. The first time I tried using my phone I managed to delete most of my post, so was grateful that it stores all my previous versions. Over this week I’ve managed to create new categories, upload finished notes and make and adapt posts, all on my phone. I think I’m getting the basics, but I wish I’d got the hang of my new glasses as I really can’t see very much. Good night, time for Mostly Harmless to be closed up for the night.

Haven’t seen the swans and seven cygnets tonight. It’s obviously the lettuce, which might be good for them but they certainly won’t eat it.

Here they are, very fickle, left within one minute of the food being gone. Lots of hissing, but didn’t sound threatening. Not that I risked it!



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