HW Scholar Revision

Please start completing the Scholar Tests as revision exercises. Passwords and usernames from Mrs Physics.

Try end of section test 2 by the end of February. I think you need to do it in one go or it doesn’t record. So set aside that time.

Summer ’16

The first link takes you to the Homework Booklet that will be used during the 2016 course. It is based on the work from Robert Gordon College, so my thanks to all of those who worked on that. There is also work from the notes contained within the 100 pages.

Homework Book

Complete pp6-8 (first question), 10-16, 18. Complete notes on Units prefixes and Sci Notation, Uncertainties, Equations of Motion. Read up on Forces.

The set of homework questions below are based on the George Watson’s College Notes, use these for additional revision if you need additional revision on one or more sections. Answers will eventually be added and password protected.

GWC Homework Book

Enjoy the holiday!