HW Scholar Revision

Please start completing the Scholar Tests as revision exercises. Passwords and usernames from Mrs Physics.

Try end of section test 2 by the end of February. I think you need to do it in one go or it doesn’t record. So set aside that time.


1Units, Prefixes & Scientific Notation, UncertaintiesLA Ch1 Revision Ch 3 and Ch4 1 Q GWC Homework 1
2Equations of motionGWC Homework 2a, 2b LA Ch 4 any 2 q from pp16-20
3Forces Energy & power and CollisionsGWC Homework 3b
LA 1 question from pp21-24, 2 questions from 25-29
4Gravitation, Special Relativity & The expanding UniverseGWC homework 7b
LA 2 questions from the Gravitation section, 1 Q from the Expanding Universe section
SQA 2015 Q4 (section 2)
5Forces on Charged Particles and Monitoring & measuring A.CGWC Homework 10b
LA pp 45-47, p72
6I,V, P & R and CapacitanceLA pp 73, 82,86 + 87 top
7Nuclear Reactions and EMF internal resistanceGWC Homework 11a Any 3 questions from the Electrical Sources and Internal Resistance section
8Inverse square law and refractionSQA 2015 Q8, LA any 2 questions from the Refraction section. Try 2015 m/c questions as many as you can do in a time of 18 mins
9The Standard Model & Semiconductors and PN junctionsGWC Homework 9a
LA any two from the Standard Model section. LA p90 Q2
10Wave particle Duality, Interference and SpectraLA any two questions from the waves particle duality section, any one from the interference section. Pp 66 and 67.
11Data skills and OEQSQA 2018 Q13
GWC Homework 8
SQA 2017 Q11, Q15
SQA 2016 Q5

The first link takes you to the Homework Booklet, denoted at LA in the homework table list, that will be used during the course. It is based on the work from Robert Gordon College, so my thanks to all of those who worked on that. There is also work from the notes contained within the 100 pages.

LA Homework Book

GWC Homework Book

The second link is for a set of homework questions based on the George Watson’s College Notes, denoted by GWC in the homework table.

Answers will eventually be added and password protected.