Bogging blogging

I’ve no idea when I last put a post on here, ages ago I’m sure. I’ve one or two in the draft box to complete, but never quite have the time.

I’m just sitting back seat of the car wondering what it would be like if everyone possessed hindsight! Do you think it would drive the human race potty or would they be even pottier?

This came into my head as I thought, “who in their right mind would go to Surprise physics for a blog on SpaceU/ schols and why wasn’t surprise physics called spacephysics anyway?” It only appears to have space topics contained in there.

Oh well, I’m trying to tie up loose ends for space school and get everyone a lovely certificate and plan for my trip to the Scottish Parliament on 14th November as well as checking up on our Road safety stuff, it’s the Winter drive campaign soon. Oh and then I’ve to do the day job, which is full time teaching. Time I started marking Higher October tests..

Maybe if I had hindsight I might not do all the things I do but I’d possibly do more. I told everyone at Space U in Texas this would be my last trip buyive already booked for 2020, so if you want to know what you missed click on the link and it ought to transport you to surprise physics, which will obviously not now be a surprise and you can catch up on Space school 2028


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