On this part of the website I will be adding good websites for you to check out. They ought to cover everything that will be of interest to do with Scottish Physics teaching and learning. Beware, I might slip a few Scottish Canal websites in, just for interest. Just note that the picture of Patricia in the header is the very same Mostly Harmless before her transformation. Hopefully next season we can take another photo in her new livery.

Here is a great introduction video to Physics



https://www.reddit.com/r/PhysicsTeaching/ Mr Hood has done it again and collected data on loads of useful  sites. He’s always ahead of the game. New sites seem to be appearing monthly, so keep checking them out.

http://mrmackenzie.co.uk/  Here is a great site for National Courses, and includes easy access to all SQA Physics past papers. It is a well laid out site, with a great range of videos and notes.

https://vimeo.com/fizzics/videos This is the link to the videos produced by Mr Mackenzie above.

https://www.iop.org/education/index.html  The link to the Institute of Physics website, starting at the Education section. Remember at 16 you can sign up to be a member for free

http://www.iop.org/tmparchive/others/iop/insidestory_flash1.html Perform you own colonoscopy, perform a series of PET scans, investigate brain activity with a series of MRI scans and use radiotherapy to destroy cancer tumours.

http://www.supa.ac.uk/ Scottish Universities Physics Alliance. Quite an advanced site, but with plenty of news.

http://www.physicsclassroom.com/ An award winning site

http://www.cyberphysics.co.uk/index.html An award winning site, watch as it is English based.

https://scotland.guzled.com/ This is the site to go for the Teacher resources for all Scottish Courses. This website is a closed group and only suitable for Scottish Teachers. Students should not be accessing this site.

https://scotland.guzled.com/blog/ find out what is going on in Physics teaching in Scotland.

http://www.physics.org/ physics.org is brought to you by the Physics in Society team at the Institute of Physics. Their aim is to inspire people of all ages about physics.

http://forthandclyde.org.uk/charters.asp Want to relax after revising for your exams?

Parents might want some help too, and the National Parent Forum of Scotland has some great resources, find them by clicking on the link below


Scottish Physics Teacher Websites – for student help

I’ll assume you know about the SQA site and just for reference this document applies to ALL National Physics Courses, N3-AH Physics general marking principles

http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/45729.html This is the link to the SQA Physics homepage.

http://www.helpmyphysics.co.uk/ This one is thanks to Mr Mallon

http://smarshallsay.weebly.com/ Mr Marshallsay’s website.

http://icandophysics.co.uk/ A website by Mr J Spence

http://mrmackenzie.co.uk/ Mr Mackenzie lives in Thurso, plenty of time to write an excellent website!

Here’s a new site, this is great. I wish I could do as well!

http://physics-podcast.co.uk/ Mr Smith’s YouTube channel started in April 2016 with LIVE Physics help sessions for National 5 Physics

…and then just for interest


If you find any better sites, please let me know



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