SG Past Papers

Now that SG Physics is well and truly in the past I thought it would be appropriate to publish the past papers and their mark schemes, if I can.

My thanks to J Boyle for passing these along, and to Mr Mackenzie (the ultimate in useful physics information). They are really good practice for students to use for revision for N4/5 etc.


PaperYearM.I.Exam Report
SG(C) 20132013SG(C) 2013 MI2013 Report
SG(C) 20122012SG(C) 2012 MI2012 Report
SG(C) 20112011SG(C) 2011 MI2011 Report
SG(C) 20102010SG(C) 2010 MI2010 Report
SG(C) 20092009SG(C) 2009 MI2009 Report
SG(C) 20082008SG(C) 2008 MI2008 Report
SG(C) 20072007SG(C) 2007 MI2007 Report
SG(C) 20062006SG(C) 2006 MI2006 Report
SG(C) 20052005SG(C) 2005 MI2005 Report
SG(C) 20042004SG(C) 2004 Leckie2004 Report
SG(C) 20032003SG(C)2002_3 Leckie2003 Report
SG(C) 20022002SG(C)2002_3 Leckie2002 Report
SG(C) 20012001SG(C) soln 00-01
SG(C) 20002000SG(C) soln 00-01
SG(C) 19991999SG(C) soln 95-99 pdf
SG(C) 19981998SG(C) soln 95-99 pdfMI 1998 SGC
SG(C) 19971997SG(C) soln 95-99 pdf
SG(C) 19961996SG(C) soln 95-99 pdf
SG(C) 19951995SG(C) soln 95-99 word
SG(C) 19941994SG(C) soln 90-94 pdf
SG(C) 19931993SG(C) soln 90-94 pdf
SG(C) 19921992SG(C) soln 90-94 pdf
SG(C) 19911991SG(C)red soln 90-94 word
SG(C) 19901990SG(C) soln 90-94 pdf


PaperYearM.I.Exam Reports
SG(G) 20132013SG(G) 2013 MI2013 Report
SG(G) 20122012SG(G) 2012 MI2012 Report
SG(G) 20112011SG(G) 2011 MI2011 Report
SG(G) 20102010SG(G) 2010 MI2010 Report
SG(G) 20092009SG(G) 2009 MI2009 Report
SG(G) 20082008SG(G) 2008 MI2008 Report
SG(G) 20072007SG(G) 2007 MI2007 Report
SG(G) 20062006SG(G) 2006 MI2006 Report
SG(G) 20052005SG(G) 2005 MI2005 Report
SG(G) 20042004SG(G)2004 Leckie2004 Report
SG(G) 20032003SG(G)2003 Leckie2003 Report
SG(G) 20022002SG(G) 2002 Leckie2002 Report
SG(G) 20012001SG(G) soln 00-01
SG(G) 20002000SG(G) soln 00-01
SG(G) 19991999SG(G) soln 95-99
SG(G) 19981998SG(G) soln 95-99
SG(G) 19971997SG(G) soln 95-99
SG(G) 19961996SG(G) soln 95-99
SG(G) 19951995SG(G) soln 95-99
SG(G) 19941994SG(G) soln 90-94
1993SG(G) soln 90-94
SG(G) 19921992SG(G) soln 90-94
SG(G) 19911991SG(G) soln 90-94
SG(G) 19901990SG(G) soln 90-94