Moderating Resources

As part of the Moderation Process for the gathering of evidence for the SQA process I have uploaded an exam paper answer for the 2019 papers. These could be used by teachers to work together to understand the marking instructions and the General Marking Principles.

I have not done a definitive marking instructions but I believe the person who sat this paper, a Drew Escutcheon, has made some sneaky errors to look for.

A Vital Piece of Info for all Markers

Answer Grid

Thanks to Mr C Rossi so making a marking grid for you to add your answers. When we’ve got a finalised MI I’ll publish a commentary with a password so you can’t cheat!




Extracurricular Activities in STEM

This is a video of an IoP Coaching Session that I took part in on 27th October 2020 trying to inspire teachers to grasp the opportunities that are available for them and their students.

Part 1 of the STEM OPPORTUNITIES IoP Coaching Talk 27th October 2020.


AH Uncertainties

This is a presentation I gave on AH Uncertainties for the IoP. It was the end of term and that’s why I am nearly falling asleep. I had to update it as I had indeed taken the absolute and not fractional uncertainty in T to double for the uncertainty in T2.

First few video uploads

3 States of Matter

3 States of matter in one tube from Mrs Physics on Vimeo.

Thanks to Adam P for holding the camera as I did this demo. It shows so much Science in one large boiling tube! Convection, lack of conduction, state of matter, floating and sinking, density! Hope you like it.

The gauze is there only because the ice floats on the water and the ice needs to be at the bottom for the experiment to work.

The Photoelectric Effect