HEAT topic resources 2021

Hooray! we’re back to doing our heat unit with a few minor changes. Let’s see if I can upload the ppp here! They’re rather large. No idea why I’ve large gaps. Originally these showed the pdf files and now I’ve no idea what has happened!


NB if you want a copy of the Conduction ppp you’ll need to email me, as it has embedded video it is a whopping 484 MB! I’ve taken out the videos and its just 98MB



Radiation part 2 and Intro to Heat Loss

Heat Loss From Houses- Planning Sheet

Scroll down for the old Heat Resources

Notes for the Heat Theory

Click on the red link below to open the theory notes in pdf format.

Heat theory 2016

These are the end notes for the HEAT TOPIC

Click on the red link below to open the final summary notes in pdf format.

End of Topic Heat Notes- JAH

Thanks to Adam P for holding the camera as I did this demo. It shows so much Science in one large boiling tube! Convection, lack of conduction, state of matter, floating and sinking, density! Hope you like it.

The gauze is there only because the ice floats on the water and the ice needs to be at the bottom for the experiment to work.

3 States of matter in one tube from Mrs Physics on Vimeo.

or watch on youtube

These are a set of results from the Doll’s House. What happens at 20 000 s and what happens at 33,000s? State how the graph would be different if the house was well insulated? Why is the upstairs at a higher temperature? Try to describe the Physics behind each of the graphs.

Below are┬áthe resources for the HEAT topic that you’ll cover in S1 Physics. You might not be given all of the information by your teacher, but you can always use the additional materials to read around the subject, that’s what makes a successful learner, confident individual and responsible citizen.

Notes for the Heat Theory

Click on the red link below to open the theory notes in pdf format.

Heat theory 2016

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Heat- what we’re assessing

A document on how to succeed in Science has highlighted the following skills and this is what you will be marked on during the HEAT block. Everyone starts with 3 points as an average and you can go down to 0 (not usual) and up to 5 points depending on your contribution. Some skills are so important they count twice in the score!

motivation/ enthusiasm
explanations/ evaluations
Designing experiments
use of data logging/ ICT
graph skills
team work
experimental work
good write up 
communication during tasks & talk
making conclusions

S2 Unit 2 Test HEAT

Here are a few items that you can try for revision.

Click on the link below to try the Kahoot! Quiz if you never got on to that in class. Challenge your friends at a certain time.


The document below contains a set of revision questions on Heat for you to try.

July 2019

Heat Online

Introduction to the Heat Topic

This video introduces the Heat Topic using the Snowman investigation.

The Snowmen- This video just looks at the experiment

The Snowman Experiment, no blurb!

Lesson 2- Heat Transfer and Conduction

An introduction to Heat and Some information on Conduction. There are a few experiments demonstrated.

The video below is a bit advanced, but see how you get on!

Lesson 3

Insulation- The Opposite of Conduction