Resources for the electricity topic

Here are the resources for the S1 Electricity Topic. Click on the link and open the pdf file that you want. The homeworks are highlighted in bold.

S1. introduction to Physics  This is the print out of your first Physics lesson. Hopefully you can talk it through with your family and friends and inspire them to study Physics with you. It is based on the Activinspire file used in school.

1. outcomes This is a full list of outcomes that you need to learn for the test at the end of this unit. The outcomes should be stuck into your jotter. You can print another set to make flashcards or for your friends and family to help you revise by testing you.


This is one order that we might be using to go through the course. This means if you miss a lesson then you can use this sheet to find out what you missed and catch up. Remember you need to take responsibility for your learning.

2. intro electricity  This is the background to the course. We are going to be treating you like apprentice electricians. If you get through the course then you can make some electrical items for the doll’s house. That information is contained in another post.

2. electrical safety Here is information and websites to help you discover how to be safe around electrical energy. Please discuss this with family and friends so that you don’t put yourselves, family and friends at risk.

The video below comes from the website. It is in the Electrical Hazards Section

If you’re caught out in a thunderstorm and you can’t get to a safe place (which is never near a tree anyway), then assume the lightning position given below. Do practice this and be ready for an emergency, but choose your place carefully. You’ll look quite odd! If you’re on a golf course get away from your golf clubs, you can retrieve these later.

3. the atom (homework)2018        This is one of the first bits of homework you will need to complete. Either write out the passage in your jotter and draw a diagram of an atom, or print out the sheet, stick it in your jotter and fill it in.

Atom cut out

4a. Static expt sheets These are some of the experiments that you will do in the classroom. Many can be done at home using a comb or a ruler. Try them out with family and friends.

4c. Build a VdG If you enjoyed using the Van der Graaff Generator in school, why not have a go at building your own. In this document we take you through the process step by step in picture form. You must get adult supervision to do this.

see the original link to Bald man on VdG/

5. Conduct insulate faults This contains work we will be covering in class about conductors, insulators, fault finding and resistance.

5. Resistor code With this document you’ll be able to identify the resistance of a resistor marked with a colour code. It is the universal way that resistors are identified.

6. Draw circuit symbols (homeworkThis is the drawing symbols homework. Either write out the symbols with the * and label them or print out the document and stick it in your jotter. You then need to learn these symbols. If you want to you can record the uses and comments and earn a merit.

6b Symbols only (homework) Drawing symbols homework. This is the homework for those students who find following the full document difficult. It is the cut down version of the sheets above.

7. Meters This tells you information on how to use a multimeter and set it up as an ammeter, voltmeter and ohmmeter. Why not add one to your Christmas present list and help around the house. DO NOT use them with mains electricity though.

7. Meters cut out These diagrams should go into your jotter so that you know how to set up your multimeter.

7. Using Meters 2016 pdf file of the activinspire sheets used in class. There are six slides to a page so you can print out and stick in if you want.

7c. Meters quiz Test your knowledge of meters with this quiz.

8 Drag and Drop Definitions Use this to practice learning your definitions, it is a pdf version of the Activinspire file used in class.

8c. Flashcards VIR If you want to make your own flashcards print these out 16 to a page. That should give you a page of terms and a page of definitions. If you stick the definition on the back then it ought to make great flashcards. Or you can copy and cut out your own. Check the correct definitions in the table below.

8. Find the Definitions This is a literacy task. If you read through the sheets you should find the definitions of 15 out of 16 terms. The one left over on your flashcards is the one not included in the definition sheet.

8f definitions in table Here are the definitions for you to check your answers.

9. Fault finding Often, when you build an electrical circuit, it doesn’t work the first time: here is a list of common mistakes students make so that you can find out why your circuit isn’t working and fix it yourself.

10c. series and parallel model Here is a model to help you understand the topic. It ought to explain series and parallel circuits.

Model help ASN

17 revision electricity dominoes (homework) 

This is a homework task for you to use to revise what you’ve learned during this block. You ought to be able cut out the 10 dominoes and match them up into a circle, so the answer of the last domino becomes the question for the first domino.

33. fruity batteries Produce some electrical energy from your fruit. Could you do this at home? What is the best fruit and veg and what are the best electrodes?

18.current and voltage in series & parallel Here are a set of results from the current and voltage in series and parallel experiments that you’ll complete in class. You can use these results if you missed the lesson.

18b.V I s&p blank This is a blank version of the current and voltage measurement in series and parallel. Print it off, fill it in and stick it in your jotter after you’ve worked out the four conclusions.

31. Ohms Law For those that have time or who have moved through the course quicker than most, here is an additional practical that you can try for level 4 BGE.

…and for your revision try a few of the following files.

Millionaire S2 elec3 play with a friend or a relative. This is a massive file so might not download for some of you.

ELECTRICITY Pupil Profile Statements Use these statements to help you fill in your profile logs.


Revision for the Electricity Topic

Click on the links to take you to some revision items for your Electricity Test.

Series and Parallel Test

Electric Current and Voltage Test

Practical Circuits Test _ for the really good!

Electricity Revision Quiz– this is an Activinspire presentation that your teacher might use, but as most of you wont have that package I’ve saved it as a pdf. file. It isn’t very interactive this way but hey ho!

Going Further

If you’ve enjoyed this topic, but it just wasn’t deep enough or long enough then you might want to go deeper. Try the following site, but remember in Scottish Physics we teach electron flow and not conventional current. You can read about that in one of the blog sections.

Going deeper with the electronics club


Teacher Materials Electricity

Teachers Guide v2 Here is the pdf version of the Teacher notes that we will be using during the S1 Physics course. If you miss a lesson then use this guide to help you out.

Teachers, you’re most welcome to use this material, although a credit for MrsPhysics or Lockerbie Academy would be appreciated. If you require a word version, please get in touch through the comments box.


Background Documents to Ohm Comforts

Rather than the usual way of teaching the topic of electricity we’ll take a novel approach. All the staff here hope that you’ll enjoy it. Do feedback to your teacher what you think about it. Unfortunately with the new time schedule we don’t have as long as we hoped on this topic and some of the material might need to be completed at home or in Science Club, including the additions to the Dolls’ House. Do take time to make something special, so far we’ve had examples of people making lit and turning BBQs, turning microwaves, lit fridges, and a fitness suite.

Intro electricity  This document introduces you as Apprentice Electricians and gives the reason behind the title ‘Ohm Comforts’.

Terry & June The owners of the house which you’ve been charged with fixing.

Estate Agent particulars Details of the house that needs your skills to upgrade.

Estate Agent single Signs for the house should a teacher wish to make their own house.

BADGE When you’ve passed your apprenticeship you’ll be entitled to wear the badge.

Ripe for some Ohm Comforts
How could you add electrical items in here?
How could you improve this room?
Ohm Comforts