S1 The Visible & Beyond

This Physics Block covers Beyond the Visible after covering light. Attached is the outcomes that you should cover in your course.

This course has 2 powerpoints related to it to try to keep the size down. Footprints Science has some great work but the shockwave flash doesn’t work anymore!

some of the slides from the Visible and Beyond powerpoint

Homework Booklet

Revision of Waves

Here is a mindmap, it doesn’t cover everything but it covers most of what you need to do. It is based on some N5 mindmaps, so save them for S3 and S4!

When you’ve had a go at filling in your own mindmap check it off against mine. Have you managed to do a better job? Was there a big chunk you didn’t know? If there was then go back and look over the powerpoints

Period, T, is the time for one wave to pass a point and is measured in seconds.

Frequency, f is the number of waves being produced or passing a point per second. Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz)

A=amplitude λ = wavelength



The Eye & Eye Defects

Structure of the Eye sheets are below.

Some people are unfortunate and have colour deficiency. This is usually a genetic condition.

The different types are protanomaly, which is a reduced sensitivity to red light, deuteranomaly which is a reduced sensitivity to green light (the most common form of colour blindness) and tritanomaly which is a reduced sensitivity to blue light (extremely rare).

In this task you should research colour deficiency and complete the template.

Colour Deficiency Class Task, you might want to add a section about careers not open for those with colour deficiency

Electromagnetic Spectrum



The only difference between each of these waves is their wavelength or frequency. They all fit the formula

Speed= frequency × wavelength

v=f λ

The order is important and to remember it use the following rhyme!

Randy                  Radio & TV

Monkeys              Microwaves

Invade                 Infrared

Venezuela           Visible

Using                   Ultraviolet

Xylophone           X-rays

Gunships             Gamma

Here are lots of resources for you to check and practice. My utmost apologies if I have not credited people for sending this material. As soon as I know who you are I will thank you personally.

Uses of EM Waves

Did you know you can be on the radio? Not very musical but it can drown out Radio Scotland.

Do try this at home, use cheese marshmallows or chocolate but you need to take the turntable out and DON’T put things on a metal tray!

IR cameras are used by the police to track for criminals at night but they are also really useful to the fire brigade at finding people in smoked filled buildings, you can’t hide behind a bin bag and even a hand print can leave a “heat print”.

You can’t hide in a bin bag if someone has the IR camera on you!

One of the uses of UV radiation is a security feature of bank notes. Shining UV radiation on to the bank note causes them to fluoresce (the atoms in the material take in the UV radiation and re-emits it as light which we can see)

Look at how advanced the fluorescing shapes and colours are.

Experiments- Uses of UV to check the authenticity of bank notes

Waves Homework Book

The electromagnetic (em) spectrum is a collection of transverse waves that all travel at the same speed in air, the speed of light, 300 000 000 m/s. (equivalent to 7.5 times round the Earth every second)

One of the waves is VISIBLE LIGHT

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