49th Stirling Physics Teachers’ Meeting

For the 49th Stirling Physics Teachers’ Conference, here are the details of the events and helpsheets etc.

Sorry if this post isn’t as pristine as I had hoped just now, but currently I am dealing with a sinkable boat! You think I’m kidding- check out the blog section when this is all over.

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Your Climate change pack

In the pack

  • One black sock
  • One white sock
  • Thermochromic Paper
  • 100 x 100 x 3 mm Aluminium plate
  • 100 x 100 x 3 mm black acrylic plate
  • mirror and ball-bearings for the radius of curvature to measure g in AH Projects, or use it for an escape room clue

Risk Assessment

Please note the Aluminium plate has sharp edges. Either get these sanded down or only use this as a demonstration being aware that these sharp edges can cause cuts.

Don’t eat the thermochromic paper, and don’t burn yourselves trying to heat something up too much.

The ball-bearing is very small, choking risk and , if dropped a slip risk.

Danger of suffocation from the plastic bag- do I need to write this?


Aluminium and Acrylic Plates

A great demo of conduction but not of the heating but of the cooling side. Often a difficult concept for students if the removal of heat!

Here is the kit we couldn’t afford. You can put a couple of O-rings around your plate to stop the melted ice going all over the desk


Here is the link to your kit! I think you’ll agree, despite my bad placement of the kitchen thermometer that is shows a rapid and marked difference.7




I’ll get the sock video done as soon as possible.

Basically, get the students to put their hands behind their back and another student to put the black sock on one hand and the white sock on the other. When they feel one hotter than the other they ought to raise their hand. Obviously it ought to be the black sock, but there is always one. This wasn’t as convincing as the JB Sports thicker and uniform socks but we couldn’t afford them.

Another task you can try (I’ve got kids to do this one) is test my theory that wearing black socks gives smellier feet than white sock. I got a student to walk around in one of each and it was exciting as it was a PE day. Try it yourself and see what you think.

Thermochromic paper



Some climate change experiments


This isn’t a talk about retirement, so if you think it is then you’re coming to the wrong place.

Here are some of the resources and links from my talk:-

My Radiation Escape Room Here





For making mazes, which are great for definition learning


SMARTCOLOURS- contact Teaching Resources, Middx University. Tel: 020 8447 0342


If I was doing this cipher again I would only use the capitals or lower case for the a,b,c and uppercase for the symbols. Remember not to use punctuation as it doesn’t come up! The excel template is given below for you to edit and make your own. Obviously you can make your own but using a font that is already available, saves a lot of time in creating the message and translating it for checking.

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