Elements Compounds and Mixtures

We’ll start with a couple of jokes;

Teacher: What is the formula for water?

Student: H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O

Teacher: That’s not what I taught you.

 Student: But you said the formula for water was…H to O.

 Q: If H2O is the formula for water, what is the formula for ice?

 A: H2O cubed

When you get the jokes above, you know you’re doing well understanding the Chemistry course, and if you don’t you just might not get jokes!

Here is the information from the lessons on Elements Compounds and Mixtures, block 1 of the Chemistry Course in your BGE


Ver8 S1 Chem CfE – UNIT 1 Elements, Compounds, Mixtures Here is a pdf version of your Activinspire notes, saved as 4 sheets to a page.This pdf version has 6 sheets to a page. If they’re too small to read use the ones above. You could print these off for revision if you have a printer, or make them in to revision cards that your friends and family can use to test you

Chemistry Unit 1 Lesson Planner Details

Here is your need to know sheet. Ask your friends and family to test you on it. S1 Elements, Compounds, Mixtures Need to Know

Flashcard words


all-homeworks Here is a pdf list of all the homeworks for this Chemistry block. If you missed a lesson, it is your responsibility to copy up what you have missed. You will still need to complete homework unless your teacher specifically states you do not need to do it.

Lesson 2-9

Simple periodic table large                  Simple periodic table

data cards                             properties match-up cards


melting and boiling-points temp note lesson-3



Lesson 10-15





Alkali metals- don’t try this at home- be sceptical at the end, but who knows?

Salt is such an important and uninspiring compound, but making it the hard way is not something we can do in school. Luckily Theodore Gray can do some experiments for us. Look at the links below to find out what you could do with the right qualifications. Obviously this is something you must never try at home, or anywhere else!


As you can’t do the experiment at home, you can always put the book on your Christmas present list like I did. The link to the book is given below. I think Mr Physics is keen to try some of these experiments.


Hope you enjoyed your first block of Chemistry – the central science.


Here is a list of words that you could make into flash cards. Write the word on one side and the definition on the back.