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Revision Reviews 1 pdf

Covering Units Prefixes and Scientific Notation and Uncertainties. Also scalars and vectors.

Review Answers, don’t cheat, it wont do anyone any good, especially you!

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The above answers are only corrected to the first two review!

homework for Thurs 2

Continuing on from previous homework

Week 1 – 14th December

  1. Complete the Tutorials for the Charged Particles in Fields Chapter.
  2. Research the background for your Physics Assignment. Make some notes on this that you can take in to the assessment phase
  3. Read through the General Marking Information for your Assignment

Week 2 – 21st December

  1. You ought to have done at least 2 hours revision this week and for some of you, very much more! your prelim will be on all of Our Dynamic Universe, and Book 1 of Particles and Waves. Don’t forget to revise your Uncertainties materials as that can be tested too!
  2. Ensure your O1 is written up, and passed including your uncertainties.

Week 3 – 4th January

By now you ought to have done many hours of revision. I know it’s Christmas, but you’ll get your present as a belated present in August after you’ve done well on the 8th May. Bring a list of questions and points that you need to go over.

Week 4 – 11 th January

  1. By now you ought to have done many more hours of revision.  Bring a list of questions and points that you need to go over.
  2. Prepare to write up your assignment next week so have everything ready, including finishing your experiment, you’ll need to come up after school if it has not been completed yet. Arrange through your teacher!

Week 5 -18th January

  1. Complete your Assignment Write up, if you’ve not time in class, you maust be supervised by your teacher. Check out for times on the notice board.
  2. Do the Particles and Waves section questions from the homework folder Homeworks 9a, 10a, 10b, 11a, 11b, MARK THESE from the mark scheme in the Revision Section